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Powder Skiing Jackson Hole on MAY DAY, 2013

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We woke up to a whole bunch of snow this morning.  I measured 6" on a table on our deck, which is more overnight snow than we've had in the valley all season.


That meant, of course, that we had to go skiing for May Day.  


We showed up at the base of Snow King ski resort just as a new blizzard was starting.  None of us had brought goggles (it's MAY for God's sake!), and a couple of the group decided to bag it and go back home.  Wusses.


We still wanted to go, however, so my wife and our friend Connie and Connie's black lab, Bodhi all geared up and started up the hill.


Here we're getting some beta from a guy who had just skied down.  I like this one because it shows the houses at the base of the ski resort as well as the softball field that's right there. It was snowing rather hard:




Did I mention it was snowing hard?




This being springtime, by the time we were about a third of the way up the snow had stopped and the sun came out so we had to stop and peel off layers of clothes.  Then, when we got to the top of Grizzly ski run and got ready to ski down, it had started snowing again.  Here's Ruthie squinting as she tries to ski goggle-less in a snowstorm:




Here's Bodhi not squinting:




Ruthie and Connie making fresh tracks down toward town:





Me skiing (actual photos of me skiing are pretty rare):




The girls and the dog getting toward the bottom of the hill:




A shot of our tracks from across town:




How cool is that?

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Damn Bob!

.  Looks like a year makes a whole heapin buncha difference!

If you were in Colorado, we'd be happy to ski with you at Loveland and Abasin. 

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Super nice. Makes me smile!!!!  


Good on ya! as they say...

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Originally Posted by spindrift View Post

Super nice. Makes me smile!!!!  


Good on ya! as they say...


Hi, spin.


It made us smile as well.  It was a complete sleeper day.  We got to the bottom of the hill for the trip up and it looked pretty ugly.  Cold, windy, snowing like a banshee, and who-knew-what as far as the snow conditions were concerned.


As it turned out, the snow abated enough for us the have a fun day.  Snow conditions were a little thick, but really fun skiing.  Nobody else was there, I assume because the it was snowing so hard as we left the base.  We were rewarded with excellent skiing on the way down.  As we approached the bottom, there was an almost-continuous line of people skinning up our track to ski what we had already skied.


Is it wrong to feel somewhat superior to the people who waited until the snow squall had gone by to start skinning up?  I don't care.  It was a truly special ski experience that we'll always remember.  


Sometimes the old farts get the worm.  wink.gif

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Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post

How cool is that?

Gosh... these are freaking awesome pictures! Amazingly cool pictures! I'd say giving the circumstance these might very well be the best pictures I've seen from these season!

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Great stuff, Bob!



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I'd say you had a good day! it looked like some sun might have come out as well. Great photos, I loved the one of you two skiing with the town in the background as well as the two of you and Bodhi. Snow King is a damn fun resort, awesome they way it just's drops right into town. Pretty cool day.

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Sweet, it's hard to tell who is having more fun, the humans or the dog.

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Great TR.


I guess i am weird that I always have goggles for skiing down hill no matter the condition or time of year :)

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Looks great.  I'm somewhat surprised there's still a base under that new snow at the bottom of Snow King on May 1.  Maybe from early season snowmaking?

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hey Bob, I'm jealous.  My wife and I had a fun time reading the little TR and looking at the photos.  Thanks for sharing!

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I just got back from being warm in the desert on the Yampa River.  All my friends were skiing powder without me.....  Oh Well.


I guess these late season JH conditions proves "again" that an actuary doesn't know shit about skiing.

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looked like alot of fun!
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Cool bro
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