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Am 6 ft, 200 pounds,  Early 50s.  Got back to skiing three years ago.  Love it.

East coast skier.  Looking for good skis for my level (blues and blacks, if not icy.)  Double blacks rarely unless deep snow, or Loon - which doesn't count.  Ski mostly at Cannon - if you know the mountain, ski whole hill but Hardscrabble (bumps you can't bail out of).

Ski roughly 20 days a year past two years. 


Thinking to get Solomon Rocker 2 90s, and would rent skiis for real powder if lucky enough to get out west next season. Want pair with more flex in bumps (skied used pair of Rossignol Bandits this year, and they were hard to get through bumps without jumping around a lot more than my not-in-such-good shape anymore body can deliver, but fine on groomed snow, stable more or less on hard pack, and fast enough for me.  


Recommendations?  Want something I don't mind getting nicked up, as early fall and late spring skiing are important to me.