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k2 missdemeanor skis, best bindings?

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So my parents are buying me skis for my birthday (well I'm buying them and they are paying for part of it ) I was looking into getting the k2 missdemeanor skis. I want something thats a good verstiale ski that I can use on the mountain and I really want to start learning how to do stuff in the terrain park.

I can either get them without bindings for $300 or with Marker 10.0 Free Bindings for $500? Whats the better deal?


If I get them w/o bindings what bindings are the best for this ski?


Thanks! Can't wait to use these next season :)

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That's an aweful lot for those bindings, the skis I unfortunately have no knowledge of.


A better, cheaper and ultimately safer binding would be a look px12, honestly. Those can be found for as low as $110 on the web if you search around a little. Is this a local store? If so, I guess the binding mount and such is included in the price, but either way, I'd steer clear of those markers.

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Hi - Solid ski. Agree that $200 is steep for Marker 10's, but in theory it could include mounting, although doubt prep for skis. If no mounting, ridiculous. If mounting included, meh. Also agree that there are better bindings for the park, and agree that Looks are the best choice; very elastic. Tyrolia/Heads are good too. Also agree that you should go for a 12 DIN setup, more rugged, heavier spring. Parks put a lot of stress on bindings. Wow, too much agreement. biggrin.gif


You should be able to find new older bindings (meaning in the box but made a coupla seasons ago) on fleabay or levelnine etc. for $100-$120. Do a Google search. Some merchants here might be able to help;  Add in $50-$70 for mounting, setting, and getting the skis prepped. So you save a few $ and get better bindings...put it in your fund for lessons. Which will not only add to your enjoyment of skiing, but make you safer.


And cost in a good helmet. Please. 

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You'll enjoy the Missdemeanors' for all mountain use! A friends wife used them this past season and for the first time ever, actually enjoyed skiing the Spring corn!


I'll second the Look PX12 bindings. Great value and performance for around  $120 if you shop carefully.

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I ended up just ordering the Skis without the bindings because the store I was going to do the other order was kind of ambiguous about whether the bindings are mounted or not. I will definitely look into the px12 though, thank you so much!


And yes I plan on getting a good helmet too and I'm looking into doing some classes at Woodward up at Boreal :) 


Argh can't wait to get the skis!

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