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Elan SLX T racestock

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Ski Make:Elan
Ski Model:SLX T laminate racestock
Ski Length:155
Snow Conditions Used In: groomers, ice, crud and soft snow
Number of Days Used: 6
Your Ability: low-level expert/racer
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 15
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 40
Other Skis You Like: Head iGS, Elan 662, Fischer BigStix 75, Elan S-12
Your Height/Weight: 5 foot 8, 155lbs

Comments: I can't say enough good things about this ski. It has two personalities: one for gates, the other for freeskiing. Note: this ski is available through regular Elan dealers next season, in addition to the consumer SLX. This version is all sandwich construction, and a bit stiffer. I have it set up with a PowerAxe SL plate, with the boot about 5mm above center (the other option was 2mm behind center, which was more demanding)

IN THE COURSE: this is a fairly demanding ski for slalom, although not terribly so considering what it is capable of. It is responsive, explosive, ridiculously fast and stable. By far the fastest slalom I have ever been on. Incredible acceleration down the pitch. If you don't catch up to your skis in each and every turn, you are going for a ride, because this ski won't back off. This ski is almost too much for me sometimes, because it is so fast that I get behind and can't recover quickly. On the other hand, when I am on this ski, it is so much faster than the other slaloms I have been on.

FREESKIING: This is probably the most incredible groomer ski I have ever had the pleasure of skiing on. It has the stability of GS, even at 155cm, and is soooo smooth. If you didn't look down, you would swear you are on a 175cm racecarver. I have even run real GS sets on this ski, the only thing it is lacking is the length to handle course ruts (don't start your turn too early either). I ski this all over the mountain, even in moderate crud and powder. It does everything very, very well. Super-G arcs are no problem, and there is no hint of squirliness at high speed, even with the ski running flat. I haven't tried it in deep snow, but it probably isn't the best choice, due to it's stiffness. The angles you can set up with this ski are incredible, and you can just trust it, basically no matter what the condition. I would probably bypass any other "carving" ski such as the SX11, Sceneo 500/RX8, Crossmax 10 et cetera in favor of this ski-at least in my mind, it hasn't met it's match against any ski I have been on (maybe the new Elan S-12, but I don't have much time on that ski yet). After spending time on this ski and other Elan models, I am wondering why Elan isn't getting more play in the US-Elan has to be one of, if not the best ski line available, at least from the high-end standpoint.
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Hell yeah, told you guys... He speaks the truth. It truly is a ski with no limits in terms of carving on groomed snow/blue ice.
Later folks
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Has anybody seen any these ski for cheap money? Would the reps have an demos for under $250?

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I know someone selling a pair of the slx's (162) for 300$ w/marker piston binding. (note it's not race stock but it is full laminate construction) It has been used this year as a regular ski (no real racing on it). Not sure how they hold up but the edges looked like he hadn't filed them all that much. pm me if interested i'll give you a number.
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I will probably be selling mine at the end of the season, because I will be buying a new pair next fall. They don't have many days on them, because I didn't get them mounted up until March, so they will be in great shape. I haven't even had to touch up the edges yet due to all of the new snow we have been getting in the PNW over the last month. I will be looking for around $250, if you are interested.
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