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Lake Louise Springtime skiing

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If you're looking for Nirvana in the ski world, I'd say Lake Louise Ski Resort would be a great start. Talk about sensory overload; between the scenery, the skiing and the cool vibe, Lake Louise is a solid contender. We were fortunate enough to hit the Lake after some fresh snow only to be capped off with some Bluebird skies giving you a real perspective of the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies. SPECTACULAR!!!


We were able to experience the whole mountain; some fun groomers on Larch, challenging steeps off Paradise and ER Chutes and then some down right aggressive terrain over in the Whitehorn Zone. This is truly a resort for every ability and there's plenty of terrain to keep all skill levels fulfilled. Keep in mind this video was shot the third week of April.

You can count on us visiting Lake Louise again next winter.


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Great video!  Looks like there was more snow there for you than when I was there the middle of Feb...



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I loved it there, planning on taking my wife there next season.

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LL doesn't get a ton of snow, about 150" on average, but better than that the past few seasons.


IMO LL skis the best in late March and April because you often need to wait that long for the snow pack to build up. But with a high base elevation for Canada and generally colder weather than B.C., LL has good snow preservation.

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I was there yesterday. Top of the Mountain was windy as hell. Can see a thing and you gets blown away fairly easy. But the snow was nonetheless pretty good.
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