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Toko Express Workbench

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The regular workbench comes with extension bars/stoppers. The express workbench doesn't. The extension bars need to be purchased separately, which I did. The problem is they don't come with correct size thumb screws so you need to buy some at a hardware store. I did that also and am posting a pic of the thumb screws.

Just a small contribution to the community from which I've been getting a wealth of info from. Hope this will come in handy for some of you out there.
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Full review -- I have had the Toko express bench for almost a year now.


Positive/neutral observations:

1. Gets the job done. Nothing's broken. Met my expectation--not much to begin with.

2. Compact, relatively light and portable. I don't but could bring it with me for out of town waxing and tuning.

3. Stable for its size.  It rocks a bit, but not too much when I scrape or brush.

4. About half the price of the full size Toko Workbench, which is almost $400 !?!!

5. Yellow! Matches with other Toko equipment.


Negative observations:

1. Extension bars are a must, but not included. Extension bar stoppers/screws don't come with extension bars.

2. When installing the table top, be careful not to over tighten screws. Screws can easily eat up the threads in the particle board top.

3. Not enough room for wax, iron, brushes, scrape, fiblene, etc. on the table. I wish the table had a storage tray underneath.

4. Way over priced for what it is and what it's made of. Look for discount deals.

5. Yellow! Doesn't match with non-Toko equipment.

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