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Look Pivot Wide's with 101mm Waist Ski?

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Been a long time reader of this form but never needed to create an account to ask a question!


I was looking to get Bonafides at the end of this year but after looking everywhere I was unable to find a pair of them or the Kabookies. I ended up committing the cardinal sin and buying a ski I've never demo'd, I did this once years ago with the K2 X-15 and ended up regretting it, but what's life with out a few chances!


So here I am, I got good deal on a pair of Ullr's Chariots and was wondering if the brakes can be stretched enough to work with these skis? I'm trying to avoid having to get a new pair of bindings and trying to avoid as much overhang with the brakes as possible. I know 110's wouldn't be a big deal but if I can make the ones I have work then I'm the more merrier. 

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95 mm to 101 mm is an easy bend.  Three mm on each side is not much of a bend.


Back in the day, techs would bend 75 mm FKS or Pivot brakes to 90 plus mm.



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The above photo should answer your question about using those Pivot brakes on the Ullr's.
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Excellent, thanks for the replies and saving me money. If we knew each other I would buy you guys a beer!

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I too ski the Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot twin tips and love them. I have not skied the Bones so I can not compare it for you. I've been skiing them since 2010, have demoed lots of skis and have not found anything I like better for everyday use. I have over 100 days skiing the Lake Tahoe area on them during the past three seasons.


I have a pair of Look PX12 XXL (115 brake) on a 138 mm underfoot ski that a local tech mounted for me. Better the brake is too narrow than too wide, in that case you can catch your pant leg in the brake as it is always hanging out too far.

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Better to bend them out a few mm than have 115's hanging over the edges. Curious to me how few places stock 105 brakes.

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Originally Posted by beyond View Post

 Curious to me how few places stock 105 brakes.

That is because manufactures do not offers a 105 brake.


Look 100 then 115 (PX) 90 then 115 (Pivot)

Salomon 100 then 115

Tyrolia 97 then 115

Marker 90 then 110 

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Thank you guys for the replies!


RobertRS, I'm pumped to try these ski's out. I will admit that the wind got let out of my sails when I couldn't get my hands on any Bonafides, there is always next year. But, now with the Ullr's in the quiver and being a NH guy I might go after the Brahma's next year, I got to demo them at the end of the season and they were really slick. 


Very excited for the Ullr's, slight nervousness having never ridden them but I remain very optimistic as I've heard nothing but good things!

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