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Wanting to go wider.

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Hi there, I am new to epicski and looking for some advice. I am from New Zealand and currently skiing the Atomic Crimson Ti which I absolutely love but looking to go for something in the 94 - 100mm width range for the upcoming NZ winter and hopefully following on to Canada/US, probably west.

I am late 30's, 6'4", 190lbs advanced skier, my skiing style is self taught and no doubt has some technical flaws but I comfortably manage to get around the whole mountain, probably 35% groomers 65% off piste, I prefer medium length turns and don't mind putting in a bit if effort to get something out of the ski but wouldn't say I was an aggressive skier. I also have 3 children learning to ski so need something reasonably nimble when hanging out with them.

Typically in NZ we don't get deep powder, 5 - 10" is a great day and it is usually quite heavy so most of our skiing is wind packed/crud that softens up during the day.

From what I have been reading this category really narrows down to the Bonafide, Mantra or Prophet, I appreciate there are others but they generally aren't readily available in NZ. There is the Experience 98 also but I skied the 88 last year and didn't really enjoy it so that puts me off the 98, maybe a little presumptuous.

Not many people ski this width out hear yet so it is difficult to find some to demo which I usually do before buying so would really appreciate some thoughts on the various options.
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Of the three skis you seem interested in, the Bonafide sounds the best. The Mantra isn't all that exciting in my opinion and the Prophet feels too turny to me. Other possibilities would be a Kingswood (made in NZ), PM Gear Bro Model (99 waist) or possibly a Dynastar Cham 97 if available.
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I think you would find the prophet too soft, it's quite nimble but soft for someone your size!
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If they're available and I imagine they are, the Nordica Hell and Back is also an excellent option in the that width as is the Nordica Soul Rider which is a twin tip.

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Where do you ski? If in the North Island or Coronet Peak (as I suspect if you haven't seen many wider skis around), then some decent edge hold would be useful. The Nordica Soulrider mentioned above is a fun ski in most conditions. The Line Prophet also seems pretty versatile for NZ -- I wasn't aware though, that it was a particularly soft ski -- when looking for skis for my son, who's heavier than you, it was recommended by several shops. Again, depending on where you ski, you should be able to find demos in most of the skis mentioned. In Queenstown at any rate, demo tents from all the local shops camp up on Coronet Peak for the June or July school holidays. And Gnomes demos seem to be a regular fixture at Porters.

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What length did you demo the E88? I've got the E98 and it's a rock solid ski for most of the conditions we have here. Love it, sounds like it should work for you here and in N. America. 

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Gnomes ski shop in Canterbury has some great deals on last year demos, worth checking out.

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For NZ I would pack my Mantra's for resort skiing and my Ninthward THA's for the club fields. However, given the info in your post I would reccomend crossing th Mantra off your list.
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