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Roman Nose-North Idaho

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Heading back out for one more go of skiing, this trip will be a little different than most. An overnight Backcountry Bachelor party to Roman Nose in the Idaho Panhandle. Roman Nose is basically just above the infamous Ruby Ridge standoff back in the 90's. We experienced Roman Nose last year about this time which proved to be one heck of a way to cap off the season. This basin has incredible Steeps, that mixed with some apres under a Full moon with a big bon fire, a Shotz Ski and great friends. I'll post some images next week from the adventure.


Here's a taste of last seasons Roman Nose trip, enjoy!






















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You guys know how to get after it!

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Nice stuff Freeride.  Very cool burn area and cliff band.  Look forward to you follow-up.


Have you ever gone up and done anything around Moose Lake ( between Hope and Sandpoint above Trestle Creek at the end of the road)?  Me either, but that whole bowl up there in the Cabinet Mountains looked so good in the summer could be amazing in the spring.  Fairly easy access too.

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Cool stoke Bob. Liked the video from last year..

Originally Posted by Stranger View Post

Have you ever gone up and done anything around Moose Lake ( between Hope and Sandpoint above Trestle Creek at the end of the road)?  Me either, but that whole bowl up there in the Cabinet Mountains looked so good in the summer could be amazing in the spring.  Fairly easy access too.

Skied off Lunch Peak near there, last July. Roundtop is probably the gem of that area for late season turns.
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    Beautiful shots, Freeride!! You guys look very accomplished in your skiing smile.gif!



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Stranger-We were talking about that area last night sitting around the campfire. Might have to put that on eon the "HIT" list!

SpknMike-Still lots of snow up there. I've been back by Lunch Peak only in the fall. There's so much terrrain around these parts.

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Looks like a great time! I am so envious of you folks out in the west. So many more options than what we have here in the east. You guys look like you can really get after it. have a great time and be sure to post more pics!

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This years Roman Nose Adventure-Bachelor Party was as just fun as the last one. Now getting enough "Provisions" up for the Bachelor party is no simple task so we brought out the Ranger and had it load to the gills along with the 10 snowmobiles and a few trailers! Ol' Mother nature threw us a curveball as were subjected to some serious wind issues on the first day. We had to make a change from our normal campsite along the lake and find a somewhat protected spot to get out of the gusts. With 16 guys setting up camp, things happen quickly, in no time all the tents were setup, firewood cut and stoked and a few were ready for a ski and board.











Getting up to some of the spots required a short hike to get to the steeps. By 2pm the snow was fairly soft and sticky but still skiable, not bad for the end of April. After one decent run we decided it was time for a cold one and some time around the campfire.



   Dan getting a little spring snow under his skis







        Bob arcing it around one of the many moss covered Tamaracks


When we arrived back at camp our "Bachelor" thought he'd take advantage of the wind so he hooked up his Kite Surfer and attempted to make a few laps around the lake, The gusty winds coupled with being in a round basin made the winds a little challenging as Jeff tried to work the lake. This turned out to be a good beer drinking and Jaeger session for us spectators.


                                          Roman Nose Lake



                           Getting a little "Personality"


After an hour of watching our soon to be married friend Jeff try to harness the wind it was time to head back, get that fire cranking and the BBQ loaded up with Elk Smokies. Nothing better than sitting around a bonfire drinking beers and eating Elk smokies. With a somewhat endless supply of dead, burned out snags around camp It didn't take long to get the fire built up to the size of slash pile. NASA probably got a satellite image as we had 6'-8' Tall rounds stacked in a Tepee. As darkness rolled upon us, we were loving life on Roman Nose. Aside form a few wrestling matches, some fireworks and one hell of a bonfire, we behaved ourselves.






Sunday morning we were greeted with Bluebird skies, some firm snow and a few tired souls. It didn't take long to get that fire back up to speed as we sat around drinking coffee and eating breakfast trying to regain our composure. (I'm getting old). 


                               That Fire left quite a Pit!




About 9:30 a few clouds starting moving in so we decided we better get after it. A few of us geared up and headed up to the ridge top.



     After a sled ride up the ridge it's just a 10 minute hike to the shot


                    Dan working the steep corn along the rock wall



              Our Bachelor Boy-Jeff experiencing his last few days of Freedom!






What a fun way to send our good friend Jeff off into the Married world! If this party is an indication of Jeff's marriage, he and his bride to be are in for one fun, long lasting relationship. Well Done!












































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   Man, those are really fun pics!! I'll have to share some of mine from an upcoming overnighter when we plan to dig a a ledge for our tent on the shoulder of East Camas peak which sits above Kidney Lake in the Bitterroot wilderness--it has many options for skiing ranging from 800'-2000'+ descents...




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Thanks Zenny, Love those backcountry experiences. Bitterroots should be holding some decent snow still. I look forward to seeing the photos of your adventure. Have a fun, safe trip

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  Thanks Freeride, will do! The 'roots are a tad below average, but the best descent is straight fall-line about 1700' down to middle camas lake and is on the north facing aspect of the mountain so we should be good...



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Thanks for sharing.

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What a play ground.

Splendid skiing in an idyllic setting and all preserved by someone who really knows how to shoot skiers and boarders.

Good stuff all around.


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deliberat1- Thanks for the kind words. It's a heck of lot easier doing a good job with something you love. Lot's more stuff to come!

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