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Have no pictures but thought I would give a conditions /trail update to those who might want to get out this weekend.

Skied today from about 10-3:30, trails were soft from the beginning. Had some real nice mashed potatos snow for bumps. Good coverage, could see where any problems might be. Some walking ( 100 yds) on the runout from East Fall to get back to base lodge but definitely worth it to hit Cascade, and East fall, can get to upper downdraft with some walking down from the top, good coverage on the trail to the great northern intersection, snow looks ugly but skis fine. Could cruise all the way down great northern to the base, Mouse Trap had excellent coverage.

Superstar lift runs until 5pm, everything is nice over there,lower skiers right the trees are doable for the last 1/3 rd of Superstar, even upper and mid Ovation, Sky Hawk has a tight line of bumpsĀ  but good coverage, Skylark, Bittersweet cruising well. Don't know how much they can groom tonight because it is very soft and not certain if it will freeze up but there should be some great spring skiing this weekend up at Kton

Latest I have ever skied and so glad I went.