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Hi gang -- here's my situation:


I've been skiing in a pair of Tecnica Diablo 130s for the last 7 seasons.  Most of those 7 years I spent approximately 70 days on the snow and occasionally racing on a Masters league in Colorado.  Now I've "grown up" (i.e., gotten a desk job) and spend a lot less time on the snow (I'll be lucky to get in 25 days now.  Oy.)  I'd consider myself a pretty hard charging skier (I ski all over the mountain, from deep carves on the front side, to dropping off cornices and hitting bumps on the back).  I'm 6'2" / 180 and have relatively strong legs.  I'm 34.  I'm also in the market for a new pair of boots.


Anyway, as my title suggests, should I pick up another pair of race boots, or are their advantages to a more all-mountain boot for a skier like me?  What I've liked about race boots is that they're laterally and torsionally stiff and hyper responsive.  What I don't like about them is the searing pain they cause me getting out of them.  Will a good all mountain boot provide me the same tight responsiveness I've come to expect, or will they feel sloppy (not an option).  For example, what are the major differences, pros, and cons of, say, an Atomic Redster 130 and the Atomic Burner 130, or the Nordica Dobermann and the Nordica FireArrow?


[Also, and kinda a different topic, I have very narrow ankles (my calf starts higher on my leg than a normal persons').  Are there any boot brands/models that cater to scrawny legs?]


Any advice ya'll can give me would be greatly appreciated.


PS: I live in Albuquerque, where there's no good boot fitters, but I'll be in Telluride next month and will hit up Boot Doctors et al.