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Carved turns MA

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Hi, It was quite warm that day and the snow was slush. I noticed that I have slightly popup during the transition which i should avoid. Please let me know my weakness, I hope i could take some Lessons during the sommer Skiing.

Thanks a Lot.

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O.K. I will give it a shot. First off nice skiing. I can see you were trying to go faster but conditions and terrain were limited. Personally I would have liked to see a tighter radius for your demo. This could have brought out some more dynamics in your skiing. I believe what I am seeing is a little bit of upper body rotation on your turns to the left. But not always.  This is a result of your balance being a little forward going into the bottom of the arc. Freeze the video and look at the side shot as you ski past the camera. Notice the Ankle flex. This over flexion puts your feet behind your Centre of Mass and blocks the ability for efficient Upper and Lower body separation. The Skill of Pivoting..... There are many drills and tactics to work on for this skill set. Here is an idea.


Move your feet a head a little so you can feel more pressure on your heel before you release your edges for the next turn. Think about it high in the arc when your legs are long.


Best of luck eh!

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Here's what I see:

No skidding! Smooth round turns. Edge engagement above the fall line at about 10:30/1:30 on the clock face. Simultaneous edge release. A little park and ride through the finish phase of the turns. A small amount of counter developed in the middle of the turn and held through the finish of the turn. An early advance forward of the new inside ski. A little "banky" in the beginning with nice angulation on the turn at 21 seconds going away. An up extension move at initiation.


Here's what I want to see:

Extension into the new turn (down the hill) as opposed to up. Continuous movement through the entire turn. Creating more counter through the finish of the turns.


Here's how to do it:

Static indoor drill 

Stand facing a wall with your feet at a 45 degree angle and your shoulders and hips at a 10-15 degree angle (e.g. toes pointed left, right hip closer to the wall than the left). Flex the right knee forward without changing your hip angle to the wall. Feel the pressure shift forward and onto the right edge of both feet? This is the initiation move instead of extending both legs.


Bamboo drill (warning - do not do this drill if you have shoulder problems)

Ditch your poles and borrow a piece of bamboo). Ski with your hands holding the bamboo along your shoulders. Keep the bamboo parallel to the snow surface at all times and minimize the twisting of the bamboo away from the bottom of the run (i.e. try to keep it close to perpendicular to the fall line) (more twisting is ok for larger turns, less for smaller turns).

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