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Going to WB the long way

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Knowing that the season's getting short, decided that another WB trip was in the cards.


Had to go to Japan first for some business.


So, spent a little time sightseeing too. Went up to Tokyo via the bullet train:



Saw the sights:



Then after a few days in Vancouver, ended up at WB on the 25th. Beautiful day with perfect spring conditions.


Hard to believe Whistler's closed with coverage like this:



But, 7th Heaven was open and glorious. 6 inches of corn, warm temps, blue sky - OMG just a perfect spring day.


Nothing like a real mountain on a beautiful day to appreciate life:


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01


Looks like they're getting ready for the 2013-14 MSP movie:



Be around until next week to get a last few days.

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So today wasn't as sunny, but that was fine, as it kept the snow just absolutely beautiful. Even though the sun wasn't out, we didn't have the patented Whistler flat light, and could see pretty well:


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01



Want bumps?



How about a delicious soft corn cruiser to carve high speed turns through?



It snowed lightly early in the day, but more is expected tomorrow.


This is where they're digging out the base for the new Crystal Zone High Speed Quad:


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01


It'll end up where the current chair ends, but with 1,755 vertical from just the one chair, it'll make lapping runs like Rock and Roll and Ridge Runner a lot easier.


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The forecast today had you wondering whether it was overly optimistic or not.


The morning started like this (not good):



On the way up, things were looking a lot better:



Out with my bud Tom today who enjoyed the new soft stuff:




By the end of the day the sun had come back out, but more freshies scheduled for tomorrow while today really did feel like mid winter conditions:


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So the sun wasn;t really out today, but the snow was OK, particularly lower down. 7th Heaven was somewhat least-coastish, with a layer of fresh just over top of bulletproof "packed powder", so it was much better to stay lower out of where yesterday's 60+mph winds hadn't blown off the new stuff.


Creamed corn ready to arc your edges in:



As the Glacier chair opened, hiking to Spanky's Ladder was popular for some freshies:



What's better than a cute liftie (with an Ausie accent):



TWO cute lifties (both with Aussie accents)



Well, one more day left, and have to make it a good one.

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Nice!!  Love your sense of adventure!

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Now, thats one hell of a road trip! Loved the photos from Japan.  It's been years since I've been to to Whistler-Blackcomb, I definitely have to get back there. I'm sure i'll be in awe of the new changes. I've heard the time to visit is during the early spring when the TELUS festivities are going off. Thanks for sharing 

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Last day so here's what happened - a little thin down low as the Blackcomb Gondola wasn't running, so had to head over to the chair:


Get's a little more promising on the way up -



Freshies up top with some tracks on Couloir Extreme



Making a bump run:



Some soft on top:



Looks like they got the jump finished:



Watch for it late this year in the new MSP film:



Little kicker to get you going:



Black Tusk standing guard over Symphony Chair:



The snow needs a day of sun to set up beautifully as spring corn. Right now it's a little scratchy, but once it softens up it'll be fantastic.


I think that's this year's last trip, but one never knows, do one........

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