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Had a great time playing pool with you, HFNM.  That was my first Mother's Day at A-Basin, but definitely not my last.

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Decided to finally read trhough the thread and it sounds like an awesome trip. Nicely done with the house!


If you end up needing to find another place to stay I would check out


Fantastic website. My friends and I used it in Europe and had really good experiences with it. The best part is the people you get to meet (not that you need any help with that from the sounds of it)

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Originally Posted by bounceswoosh View Post

Had a great time playing pool with you, HFNM.  That was my first Mother's Day at A-Basin, but definitely not my last.

Likewise!  Let's do it again soon!!

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This one has been idle for a few days...figured I'd throw out a quick update....


The skiing has been pretty phenomenal, albeit totally schizo.  One day will be glorious spring conditions and the next is a powder day!  Talk about the best of both worlds.  In any case, I'm certainly not complaining...this time of year, any skiing is good skiing!  Here are a couple of shots from the last 48hrs to show you what I mean...



Yesterday I was partying on the beach in a t shirt....




Today I was getting fresh tracks.




Some other notable moments...


Sent the big cornice to the lookers right of Norway about 35ft (give or take a couple of inches)

Sent a big 360 toxic off the big cliff in Falcon

Went 0/3 on backflips off natural features...pretty sure a couple of Bears witnessed one or two of those.


And that's about it for now...I'll continue to update as more exciting stuff unfolds.  It is snowing really hard right now in Keystone so I don't imagine it will be too long!

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Classic picture of springtime in the Rockies:  high altitude sun, dazzling blue ski, beautiful girls, cold beer, and new snow on the way.  Plus Aspen Mt. reopens next weekend if you want some more lift served fun.  As I learned many many years ago, if you are going to be out of work you can do it anywhere, so might as well be in a sweet spot.  I would guess that the party is not over by a long shot, in fact from what I remember it never really stops,

it just moves around.  Keep turning'm you flipp'n hippie!  beercheer.gif

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 Independence Pass opens Thursday.   It's a much nicer drive than I-70.   Plus it opens up some nice BC shuttle runs and some nice campgrounds.

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So have you moved on to snowier pastures HFNM, or you hangin' to the end?

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hfNM, you still bumming somewhere?  How's it going?

Inquiring minds suffering in the heat want to know.

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Hey sorry I haven't replied/updated this thread in a while.  I was actually forced to abandon my summer ski bum adventure because of some car troubles.  I'm actually living in the woods of northern New Mexico, which is why I've been away from my computer for so long.  It has been a very peaceful and relaxing summer, but I'm starting to get the winter itch.  I spent a lot of time kayaking the Rio Grande and fishing the Cimarron River.  I'll be taking a trip to the east coast for about 6 weeks to visit some friends and go salmon fishing and then I'll be heading back to Taos for another glorious winter.  I may be hitting up Burning Man the last week of August with some fellow Bears as well.  I'm also thinking about heading to A Basin for their opening day and then staying until TSV opens for the season.  Let me know if any of you guys out there want to rendezvous at some point during the next few months! 

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Burning Man is awesome, I hope to be able to participate at some point.

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Hope you have a HippieFlippin Happy Birthday! 

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Hope you have a HippieFlippin Happy Birthday! 

Haha...thanks so much TC!!


I guess this warrants a quick update.....I'm back on snow!!  I've been skiing a lot the last few weeks.  I think I'm going to be at Wolf Creek this weekend and then up to A Basin next week.  Other than that I'm earning some turns in the Taos backcountry.  Let me know if anyone wants to link up!!

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