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Stockli SL 03/04

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Stockli SL, 156, 2003/2004

99-63-112, radius 12

Conditions were a mixture of ice on the black faces and granular on the flatter/blue sections.

The skis had claws on the ice and I found myself getting more and more agressive doing lots and lots of turns down the fall line. Ear to ear grin factor ... ... of 10!

Not bad or shaky at speed with a bit of GS longer turn stuff tossed in. I know that on harder snow .... granular can lure you into thinking that ... they had a "top end", I just didn't find it. The reality is that they ARE 156's.

The only problem was getting them away from other instructors and ski shop techs. My order is already in.
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Glad Stockli is getting more airplay in the US. The Slalom has been a ski of choice among instructors here and it's only going to increase.

I already had a pair of Stockli Ravers in the 162cm...super carvers. Got myself a pair of Stockli Easy Riders in the 160 at the end of last season, and I really love them. Not as stiff or demanding as the Stormriders (which I demoed in tandem), but they do everything with elan: soft, slow, racing, groom, ice, moguls...If I find their weak point, I'll let you know!
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You don't live far from me so maybe you can give me some info on where you (and Vita-Man) are finding Stockli skis in or around Joisey? I didn't see an NJ dealers listed on Stockli's website. From what I've read, the Spirit line (specifically the Free, or whatever they call it next year) could be a good option for me: carving ski w/ some versatility, great edge grip for our local conditions, not too narrow/not too fat waist, shorter length.
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Yes, the Spirit line is an excellent recreational ski line with performance and attitude. I tried the Spirit Pros last season here, and they were really something. They definitely have a race pedigree, but they are for all mountain use. The edges were incredible. Like most Stocklis, they do demand attention from the driver though!
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Tony, also SwissCarve.com - they will leave at your door step.
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Dear Stockli Buyers,

I'm still a Volkl fan, but I do have Stockli pro-forms and discounted retail forms available for the asking. You must be a coach, instructor or patroller for pro-purchase.

Send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you the appropriate form in PDF format.

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