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Breckenridge 2014

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Any suggestions on the best intermediate/advanced trails on Breck (my first trip in 15+ yrs)...   or is most of the Mtn fair game?

(you can probably tell i'm into the "ski withdrawal" phase already.)


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Peak 10 / Falcon Chair has some pretty fun terrain.  The Burn if you enjoy tree skiing.


Any of the lower mountain chairs (peaks 7 - 10) are fine for an advanced intermediate - the upper mountain not so much.

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Gerry, there's tons of terrain for you to explore.  Breckenridge has lots of intermediate and advance intermediate terrain.  It will depend, in part, on what you are comfortable with.


Breck's layout is one where there is a vast amount of intermediate terrain on the lower part of each of the peaks.  You should be able to start on the bottom of any of the peaks (except Peak 10) and test your mettle (and the conditions!).  Once you've done that, you might want to see if you are ready to progress to some of the advanced off-piste terrain.


First, start with a more challenging groomer, say Dukes (on Peak 8) or Columbia or Gold King on Peak 9.  If that goes ok, then maybe try Peerless on Peak 9, or ride the T-Bar up and go lookers right to Pika, Ptarmagin, or White Crown.  Presuming you enjoy those, then I'd suggest exploring the 6 Chair, but start off looker's left -- there is a steeper bench that may provide a challenge, and the bumps can sometimes get large.  Plus there can be lots of organic, mineral, or (alternatively) snirt (snow plus dirt).


Breckenridge has tons of terrain for you to explore.  One option you might consider is taking a group lesson.  The instructor can help you identify appropriate terrain, show you stuff you otherwise wouldn't find, and give you some tips.  More importantly, especially if it is a weekend or holiday, you'll be able to cut the lift lines!


Enjoy, and let us know how it goes.



(Ambassador for Breckenridge)

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since you sound like a regular...   lol

i'm also hoping to scoot over to Vail for a day or two during my week there.        yahoo.gif       Is the terrain comparable?  my group has a mix of skiers, some good, some not so good....  

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