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West Side!!

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Got to follow my buddy Dalton up the west side of mountain washington this past friday. first time on Mount Washington skiing in the.....



our objective Ammo slide path 3500+ feet of corn skiing.




only 3.8 miles of skinning/uphill ahead! yay



steam crossing lucky for me I did not fall in this one.




dalton skins on while we get enveloped in clouds



no summit picture because of clouds/winds this is the closest we got. Goggle Tans are a fact of life for me :)



Looking over our line, that little bit of clearing far off is the bottom of the Cog Railway thats where we started.



with clouds and fog being an issue we tried to get pictures but sometimes nearly zero vis would make some really interesting skiing/pictures.





temps in the 50s wtih the clouds gave us some hero corn snow.







such a long decent




due to warm temps and severly underminded snow we decided to not decend the first chute pictured but one left where there was less running water.



the choice was a good choice when we reached the bottom of the Main Ammo line it had naturally slid, keep in mind this was on supposely extreme low avy danger day.  I am glad that despite the tag of "low danger" we still choose the safer way down, the undermining snow of a very warm air mass created some interesting avalanches that day.



tuckermans aka the junk show of the white mountains had a 6 foot deep wet slab avalanche that day with one skier apparently narrowly out running the slide.


pictured here from a photo from Vermontcoldsmoke on TGR.


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Great trip and report!


That was a good choice to stay away from the water running under the snow.  icon14.gif

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Nice TR!!

You coming out to Abasin in May? 

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^ nope sorry

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