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Telluride Colorado

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I'm going to telluride this coming up winter from December 30th through January 4th.  I would say that I'm an advanced skier as I usually will ski single black diamond runs.  My trip is already planned and I'm just wondering how Telluride will compare to Mammoth and Park City, as those are the only resorts I've been to before.  I would consider trying to ski some double blacks but I dont really want to have to hike to terrain. So if anybody knows of any pretty easy doubles that would be great. Thanks

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T-ride seems to be one of those places where one benefits greatly from having a guide, especially if one is the least bit timid about exploring. Much of the best expert terrain that I was taken to (with and without hiking), would never have revealed itself on the trail map.


Think about investing in a weekday lesson. As an advanced skier, after the holidays and mid-week, you will likely have few people in the lesson with you and you'll get a good lay of the land that way. Also, if coverage is thin (which it can be early season), having someone who knows the conditions on a rocky mountain can be helpful.


Sorry can't compare with Utah or Cali, but can tell you it's one of, if not the, most beautiful mountains in Colorado.

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I concur with Mom. I went there years ago and did not see

that much great terrain from the chairs. I wasn't that impressed.

I probably needed some more info on terrain I could hike to.

They have opened up new terrain since I have been there. I would have a "game

plan" before you go. You might want to consider a day trip

to Silverton for some great steeps. The town of Telluride is fantastic.

The scenery is awesome. I still have a Telluride poster on my

refrigerator showing the town with the snowy mountains in

the background. 

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