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Gore Airvantage

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Has anybody used a product with the Gore Airvantage in it. I am looking for a new jacket and I'm wondering if its worth the extra money for this material. Its an infatable liner that you can adjust based on the temperature. Thanks

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I have used the old system (gilet) but wasn't that satisfied because when pumped up it became quite hard (I only tested it on a test day, zipped into an unpadded jacket only wearing one layer below the airvantage - should have worked if the temps were above -5° Celsius because with the gilet only filled up halve the movability was allright but too cold as it had -15 and very windy)
Just ordered a new jacket Rossignol Air Pro to give it a try for a second time (got it very cheap), so i can tell in one week. Otherwise the airvante was very cool, but not good enough for sports.

Has anyone else used an airvantage jacket lately (or at all)
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Jacket: Rossignol Air Pro Prototype. 2Layer/3Layer Gore-Tex XCR membrane. very low weight.

Well the Jacket is great, I dunno if it is worth the nearly 700€ List Price (I got mine together with a Rossi Snowboard Team Pant (no retail - but given to pro-team riders for free) for 270€ ). As I got the jacket from an Austrian National Snowboard Team member it is a prototype and hase some features other jackets don't have.

I have never sweated less in a jacket. Even in soft-shells I didn't feel as comfy.

The new Airvantage systems doesn't take that much air anymore. (about the same as my lung volume so normally I blow in 1+1/2 times). Together with the Goretex XCR Bachelor 2 Layer Stretch material it is absolutely comfy. The jacket is tight and flexible wether pumped up or not.
The temperature change achievable is around 15-20° Celsius.

The newer Airvantage system as well has an overflow ventile. So in case one pumps in two much air or falls down then air escapes via a 2. ventile.

I neither felt cold when sitting in an old chair going up a shady part with strong wind with the jacked pumped up nor did I feel too warm and seat when going down in bright sun at a temperature of at least 5° more with the air out.

Conclusion: Coupled with a stretch material the airvantage system absoutely rips. I believe it transports out much more sweat than any other layering combination with the same temperature insulation. Without a stretch material it might feel a bit clumsy.

Below is the link to some photos on which one can see the jacket in use :
1. Shot pumped up

the following two shots are without air inside

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