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Race Carver Comparison

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NASTAR/Cheater ski wanted by Colorado skier-


I've been doing club racing, NASTAR and some Masters for 25 years.  Looking for a ski that will acquit itself well in a range of race conditions, from soft ruts to hardpack, but that will not wear me out if I ski it all day.  I'm 5' 10" and 150 lbs, 60 yrs old.. 


Volkl Racetiger GS vs Head WC Rebel: anybody have experience with either (or both)  


Other suggestions?

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Let me know if you find that ski.


My racing has mostly been on Volkl Racetigers.

Very effective skis especially when the snow gets hard.

No race oriented ski is going to be fun to ski all day, they will punish you when you get tired and lazy.

The Kastle RX's I got this year might fill your bill.

They should work fine in all but the hardest snow and might be faster than the Volkl's in softer stuff.

You can ski them longer than something that is only race oriented since they tolerate off centered skiing to a degree.

The Kastles have lightning fast bases as should be expected from a pricy ski.


That said, if you have not experienced a true race stock GS ski in moderate radius, you are missing something. 

Masters racers treasure their older 19 and 21 meter skis and, no, you cant have mine!

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I am in an adult race league and both of my "race" skis are quite enjoyable after the races are over and I am free skiing.


For GS racing I am using Volkl Racetiger Speedwall GS 175 and they are lots of fun on the groomers after the races are over.  I can even enjoy them in some mild bumps but would not want to ski bumps on them all day.  With good technique they are even fun in some softer snow.  Brings back my old school skills for skiing mixed conditions on skinny skis.


For SL racing I am skiing Blizzard SL Race Mag IQ 160 and again, I have a blast on them after the races probably more so than on my Volkl's.  They will do as short a radius turn as I can muster but will also allow me to hold my arc for more GS like turns.  They are a blast in bumps, and could realisticlly ski them in bumps all day long.  They are much better in bumps than my eastern all mountain ski Volkl AC30.  Again they do better in mixed snow conditionns that one would think probably due to its wide shovel that helps you to plow through broken snow and crud.


Now neither one of these skis are World Cup race skis, but the consumer race versions so they are more forgiving than a true race ski.  But for my level of competition they work great both in the course and out.


Good luck,


Rick G

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Thanks for the input guys.  Maybe I should explain my target a little better.  


I do have a 22 meter Atomic D2 (Jr FIS) GS that is great when I have a lot of room and firm snow.  I actually used it while working on the race crew for the Birds of Prey races and found it to have great grip on the World Cup racing surface.


The ski I am searching for now is one that I can ski on groomed snow and take into the NASTAR course for a couple of runs.  I have some Volkl Gotamas that are good soft snow skis and will handle a little "noisy powder".  I demoed the RTM 80's and found them to have good hard snow grip, but no "pop" because the have no camber.


Maybe I should consider a sturdy All-Mountain ski for this niche? 

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