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great idea and lovely beach too, crgildart.


i always am going to west vancouver to just sit at my favourite place by either ambleside or dundarave beaches

often walking the seawall from park royal (whole foods) to the beach house...or going on a hike thru lynn canyon or lighthouse park

....the north shore, despite just being 'over the bridge' feels wonderfully removed from the city ....spirit just gets so relaxed.


 actually hoping to soon move back to the north shore where there is just so many ample hiking, kayaking and skiing opps


other pics here:  http://gravelbeach.blogspot.ca/2011/10/dundarave.html





Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

Mountains in the winter..  Beach in the summer.  Each is about the same distance from the house.


This beach is free, even free parking!yahoo.gif

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Racing hobie cats.....I need cheaper hobbies.
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Mountain biking on my mountain bike, trail riding on my cyclocross bike-I try to get out at least an hour a day. I should dust off the inline skates and give them a try again Oh yeah-cottage and home maintenence......we're putting a new foundation on our barn among other things.

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I'll be wrasslin' Christmas trees this summer:



But I'll find time for a sail:



and a hike:

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Motorcycling (Ninja 1000), golfing, and getting out of shape. 


I climb the mountain by foot once a week, but that's about it.  This year I'll be walking a lot as I am a city councillor and this is an election year.

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I race small sailboats. 




It's cheaper than skiing - has to be because the sailing season is seven months long and ski season is only 4.





Of course, sometimes I just cruise with my wife, and when there's no wind we kayak.  I do a bit of biking, but not with the passion and interest that skiing brings.

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Road cycling, then swimming.  And of course, spending "active" time with the wife again wink.gif

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Eating donuts, and washing them down with beer.

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BBQ lobster tails, prawn shrimp, NY Strips, Rib Eyes, getting fat, drinking white wine... Not in particular order. 

Then, if I have time, I play tennis, golf and go to work.

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I'm happy that my ski season won't be over for another 29 days, there is still lots of snow in the mountains. This time of year is great with snow mostly melted in the city I can rollerblade/bike during the week and ski on weekends. Summer time usually consists of lots of hiking and rollerblading.
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Basketball moves outside, mountain biking, hiking, generally trying to be outside, just like winter.

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Sleep in a bit on Saturday and Sunday mornings without hurrying to catch the first chair. So I'll be well rested by December to catch the first chair every Saturday and Sunday. smile.gif


Chill on the patio drinking beverages of all sorts, grilling dead animals of all sorts. With some dead vegetables thrown in for good measure. Having all sorts of people over, arguing about all sorts of stuff.


Follow the Nationals. Drink a lot of summer beer. Hit the Jersey shore and mebbe some Blues/Cajan festivals. Maybe see the Cubbies in Wrigley again.


Ice hockey twice a week, roller hockey every Sunday mornings. Maybe finally hit the gym a few times a week. Likely nah on the gym.


Bode Miller-sized yard projects. Plant 10 or so trees, nearly as many shrubs, a bunch of perennials to finish some planting areas. Lay two or so palettes of fieldstone to line terraced planting areas. In the fall, rototill/replant 1000+ feet of back yard, which will also require wheelbarrowing in a full dump truck (16 cubic yards) of topsoil. Till in and start an amended garden area also.

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Road cycling three to four days a week (1 hour to 3 hour sessions).  My goal is to get back into shape for the fall century season.


My ride - 2006 Felt F4



Fly fishing one or two days a week (2 hours to 8 hours each session).  I don't have any exotic trips planned for the season, but there are plenty of great waters within a short drive from home.


Lower Yuba Rainbow Trout



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Ah live on a sailboat in the Caribbean so it is sailing and snorkeling for the summer.

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Enduro dirt bikes !


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Cycling, both road and mtb. Not in any way competitively, but in many ways a mix of endurance and beer, and sometimes pain. Last year I broke my back + larynx (mtb), and 2.5 weeks later did my first 100 mile road ride-- which I had to do on a MTB since I couldn't get into road position re the back, and I needed to have the suspension unlocked since I couldn't bear the bumps, even on the road, re my back.


This year I'm hoping to do a Trans Alp ride from Germany to Italy on MTB trails.


I also put in serious hours BBQ'ing and sitting in a Biergarten working on my terrible Bayerisch with all the other Zuagroasta Bierdimpfe.  

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post


I forgot......Playing Tug.

I play lots and lots of Tug!

Yeah, me too ;-)


I'll do lots of the things others have listed like beer and BBQ, maybe some cross country biking (no mountains here).  I may put in a patio of pavers but I've been saying that for a couple of years now.  Doing a fair amount of container gardening this year and I'll do some general resistance exercising but my fave warm weather activity, ya know...other than Tug... the thing that keeps my heart rate high and my feet quick, keeps my knees above my belt and my one legged balance sharp is footbag =)

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Mostly bitching, moaning, whining and being unbearable. 


Oh yeah, and buying stuff. 

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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post

My season is over in New England. It's time to transition over to cycling.


For me it is a 8 month cycling season and a 4 month ski season. What do you do in the skiing off season to keep your body/mind motoring on?

Canoe camping & I'm sure most of you won;'t get this sport but...cricket.


..oh yeah...and BBQ and beer :)



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This year my two main activities will be taking care of a newborn and rebuilding my back yard. If I'm lucky I'll get a chance or two to hack 18 as well.

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I spend my summers lusting after ski trips to the Southern Hemisphere.  One of these days....

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mountain bike

road biking

cyclocross (and hitting singletracks on cross bike)

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After ski season ends my sports focus turns to biking (mountain and road), sand volleyball, and coaching youth baseball for my 9 year olds son's team.



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I'll remember that I actually own a horse that should be ridden regularly. I think I haven't ridden her since October or November...
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Primary Activity: replenishing funds for next season. Even more important now the wife and kid come along.

Recreational Activity: fly fishing for trout whenever I can.
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I MTB the most, followed closely by swimming.   I love watersports.  On it, in it or above it, I'm into it.








I love summer just as much as winter!

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At age 66 I need to keep the quads in shape in the off season for snowboarding.  I found that unicycling does the best job of keeping them in shape.   Oh yeah,  I play a lot of golf too.



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Rehabbing my left knee, which I hammered in a crash in the DH at the 2013 Master's Nationals at Big Sky. It was a Lindsey Vonn-type crash, and I walked away with minor league versions of the Lindsey Vonn injuries: crack in the tibial plateau, strained PCL, partially torn ACL and MCL, possible cartilage tears. I didn't know any of this until after the MRI, because it didn't hurt much and wasn't real swollen, so I played some tennis, did some miles on my road bike, and went to 3 more ski races before my orthopod saw the damage and started freaking out.


So now I'm on crutches and an unload knee brace, which is supposed to let the tibial fracture heal, I'll know when  I go back to see the doc May 5. Probably no surgery on the ligaments, is what I think I'm hearing from the doc. I had cartilage snipped out of my right knee a couple of years back, that was no big deal, I was back on skis in 10 days, so if that has to happen, fine. If you hadn't noticed, Colorado has been getting some incredible April storms. Up until Saturday, I had 3 feet of snow in my pasture, so my rehab consisted of wading through the drifts, crutches and all, to feed and water my horses.


Let's say I pass the Litmus test on May 5:  Then it's back to some big miles on the road bike, back to the tennis courts, I want to play some tournaments this summer, maybe go to California again and do some surfing. My coach, Broc Thompson, whom Ski Racing just named Men's Masters Skier of the Year, was an alternate on the 1988 Olympic track bike team, and he wants me to learn to be a trackie this summer to jack up my quick twitch muscles.  There...that ought to do it, right?



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Mowing the f-ing lawn, a couple acres. Helping significant other with her greenhouse and gardening. Bushwack more trails in our woods so I can eventually mt bike through it. Harvesting fruit (apples, pears, kiwis, peas, beans, tomatoes). West African drumming and dance.

Of course I'm still skiing until mid-June.
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Originally Posted by ecimmortal View Post

Re stocking my Pinot Noir selection takes up a lot of time. Hiking, summer skiing, etc. I don't enjoy my options for road biking now that I live out from the river. So I'm not sure if I will keep my bike.

I assume where you live you're visiting the vineyards personally.

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