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shaped ski length

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I am wondering about the length of my skis. I am 6'2" and about 220 pounds. I have a pair of Fischer skis that are 193 cm. Might these be too long?
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What model of Fischer skis?
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Tell us more. What's your skiing ability?
How aggressive skier are you?
What's the age of your skis?
What's the level of your skis--beginner, advanced, racer, etc?

Long skis if:
advanced skier,
aggressive skier,
older skis,
lower level skis for the above

Short skis if the reverse of the above.

If your 193 Fischers are a current model, you'll need to be an aggressive, advanced skier, or they'll be too stiff and demanding, and you'll do better on shorter skis.
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I've got this great pair of silver and black Fishers, Marker MRR race, and they just happen to be 193s. Brand new too. I thik they would be perfect for you. I'll sell them to you real cheap!

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Welcome to Epicski,
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boneyfloopjack "ice to see you" i think i've seen the exact same skis as CeraF. i think last time i saw them they were being used to make an adirondack style chair. Humm...
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yAH Lbrother1 I decided the other day not to sell them. Instead I chopped them up and made a SWEET!!! adirondack chair out of them. Best one yet. Sorry boonyfloopjack.

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sorry boneyfloopjack! If those Fischers were Atomics they may have been saved. tee-hee...
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boneyfloopjack! It would be nice if we could get a "rise" out of ya! Where'd ya go?
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Hey I am back. Sorry for the late reply. my skis are Fischer DRS 104 air carbon. They are 191 cm.
I hear that lbrother1 can't get out of his own way on a pair of skis. He even has his older brother(who by the way is a homo)do his homework for him. Obviously this guy is just another chooch. I hope that nobody else listens to him.
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Welcome to the Barking Bears, boneyfloopjack.

As others have pointed out, there are many more questions that must be answered than just your height and weight, in determining ski length.

Remember that on the World Cup slalom circuit, athletes far heavier, and presumably more powerful, than you are skiing on 155cm skis. 155cm is the shortest allowed on the Men's circuit. Otherwise, I suspect they would go even shorter.

191cm these days is a big ski, regardless of what type of ski it is. I'm 6'1", and though I only weigh about 150 pounds, I used to ski 204-210cm skis. Now the longest skis I own are 183cm, and the skis I usually ski on are 173. The shortest are 123cm--and they work great!

My best recommendation is to seek a good instructor and ask for recommendations based on your skiing skills, skiing preferences, and size.

Good luck!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Thanks Bob. I think that I will try to do that. Right now I am just praying for snow like most east coast skiers. I just want to ski!!!!!!!!!
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Been Boarding. Want to Ski again. 52 and ski everything hard. Patroller in Ohio for 25 years. Last ski ... Rossi M's 6,7,8 years old. Want to get new ... Tried xscreams last year and liked them. What size is for me???? 5'8"-170lbs. Mostly groomed 1 week out west each year. 169's to my nose 179's to top of my head. Help me decied Thanks... :
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BFJ- we'll see who can get out of whose way soon enough! If i remember correctly someone couldn't quite get over the road....hummm....and someone else could.
Just kiddin with ya!!! Its nice to hear from you again. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
PS. i just tuned my 9.10s the other day and i almost cut the top of my finger off! Man are they sharp!!!
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