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Sidewall/cap and planing questions

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Hi all, 


In a coaching course the topic of sidewall planing came up, and the coach was trying to explain that you can only take off a small amount of sidewall on a certain type of ski. I couldn't tell if he meant capped or sidewall construction skis though and I didn't want to press the subject. So...


Which type can you take off more sidewall on?


Of these skis, which ones can I actually take off sidewall without the ski falling apart? 


Dynastar Omeglass World Cup SL

Head Peak 82

Dynastar Contact Cross

Head Integrale 009


Also how can you tell if construction is cap or sidewall? When I visually inspect all the skis, they look like there's a sidewall, but apparently that's not the case for all them...? (I remember on some skis the topsheet just seems to wrap around, I assumed that's cap)

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There are two types only I believe:
Cap and sandwich type. For example your Dynastars SL are sandwich type, meanwhile skis like Atomic SL or very few others are cap construction., where the top sheet goes all around almost from edge to edge. Inside construction of the skis is basically the same, layers of metal wood anything else in between and topsheet. On the sandwich type the topsheet ends where sidewall begins, the cap type goes from edge to edge.
You can take the sidewall on both types of skis without risk.
I have Dynastar Omeglass WC SL and Atomic D2 SL and both pairs had been tuned by Ski MD.com
To 0.5* and 4*, respectively base and side.
I can't comment on the other two pairs that you have.
Also most of the sidewall planers are 7*, so you don't take off that much of the sidewall.
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I saw this video from a Facebook post from Start Haus.



The ski in the video is a traditional sidewall type ski.


You are correct.  If the top sheet wraps to the edge, it is a cap construction.

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Thanks guys!

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  Here's some great images that I pulled from Dave Pezek's website. Note that in the 2 images of the cap ski, the sidewall is very thin in both the unprepped and prepped ski. All you need to do for a cap is just remove the lip above the edge as shown in image 3. You do NOT want to cut into the side of a cap ski....just the lip. Smooth with an emery board or sandpaper and your done. The same can be true for a laminate in that, to clear away material for filing, all you need is to trim the lip above the edge. This would be recommended for recreational tunes. For race tunes/prep, see images 4 & 5....

  Notice how the whole sidewall is thinned with a blade in the race prep images (look at the thickness differences Dave intentionally over-exaggerated), and how the top edge (where the sidewall meets the topsheet ) has been rounded as well. This is all part of the idea of ski shaping--which is usually reserved for race stock skis and race techs/athletes--but I know some serious rec. tuners that go to these lengths as wellbiggrin.gif





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Those are great pics Zen!

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Originally Posted by L&AirC View Post

Those are great pics Zen!

  Yeah...they very clearly show what can be done!!biggrin.gif




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