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I have been looking at a 2014 Völkl race folder today. Turns out they have the following GS skis for adults on hand:


- 176/23

- 183/30

- 188/30

- 191/35


If I understand correctly only the 188/30 and 191/35 are official FIS racing skis for 2014. The others are variations for jr's and masters and racers not competing in FIS level races. For juniors they also list a 188/27 which must be the old mens GS ski. The old womens ski 183/23 seems to be the only one missing. My question is now is the 183/30 Tip Rocker ski as turny as the old 183/23?


I tested a pair of the 176cm Tip Rocker skis with turn radius 23m a few weeks ago. They are probably Jr skis but they felt very stable and nice to ski on. I did not test them on a GS course. Im a bit concerned about their short length though. I wonder what the 183cm long ski feels like. As turny as the old womens R23? Anybody have any experiance? My SG skis have tip rocker and they turn surprisingly well all things considered.


Any thaughts?