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What time of year do ski companies release new skis?? (i.e. rossignol)

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Hi there, had a few questions:

1. When do companies release new skis like Rossignol.  I was interested in rossignol soul 7's 2014, but looks like they have been out demoing, and some on pre-order, but do you think I would be able to get them cheaper in October or so?


2.  The new skis seem to have a very simple graphic.  I wonder if ski companies change the graphic once the ski becomes closer to release?




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The graphics you see are the Graphics you'll get. 

As for a cheaper price, that's a tough call, but I doubt anyone will be super cheap on any new release skis until after Christmas. 


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I doubt you'll find much of a discount on any of the new 7 series skis before next March.  While these have been available to some, they'll really be released in the late summer - August or September.


edit: nevermind, looks like they did a spring release.

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REI has the Soul 7 for sale on their website for $699.00, as others do, but if you are a member you will get a $70.00 rebate check. That might be as good as it's going to get for a year or so.

I demo'd them for a day last week at Big Sky. I think they will be replacing my S3's. Very nice.

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The Soul is available in at least one local shop.

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I know someone was demoing those here a week or so before we closed as he crossed over to me on the trail to tell me how much he loved them. No, I didn't know him... Guess he loved them enough he just had to share.
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Basin Ski Shop Killington,VT had them new.

Discount in October? Not. You might get one now, like that REI one, but not much.

Look, you're already asking about them and it's April. How many others are like you? - (a lot.)

Note to StartHaus: if you guys sell Rossi's, double the order! or, maybe not cause your clientele is a little different? (And you sell every ski known to man?)

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Hey everyone,


Just thought I'd chime in and let you know we've got Soul 7's over at Skiessentials.com. As for discounts and price breaks, no retailers are allowed to have these skis priced below the Manufacturer's set pricing, until they drop their "MAP" policy on current year products. Typically, this happens sometime between March-April, but really depends on the success of that season.


That said, there are some companies around that offer discounts (like REI's $70 back... though I'm not sure that would apply to current year goods) or package options (ie. Soul 7 with a dirt cheap binding or boot). Other than these types of deals, you won't be able to find the ski any cheaper until the end of next season. And in fact, even with these deals, you're still paying the full price of the ski, just with a significant discount on other products.


Oh and one last thing, if you're interested in a review of the Soul 7, we've got an excellent write up from the owner of Skiessentials.com, who demoed them up at Stowe this past Spring!


Hope this was helpful!

Matt @ Skiessentials.com


P.S.- As far as the graphics go, what you see is what you get on these. They've already started shipping to retailers, so it's far too late for any cosmetic changes for 2014!

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I demoed the new Soul 7's a few weeks ago in Jackson Hole. The conditions were "heavy", raining down low and snowing up high with temps around 30 degrees.  What was most impressive to me is how the skiis transitioned from different snow types . . .  softer stuff in the trees, heavier snow on the slopes and held well on hard icy snow. Also, I felt the skiis were quite stable at higher speeds. Overall I would consider them but I have a pair of Fischer Wateas that have similar qualities but are not as stable and do not transition as well, particularly to hard icy conditions as the Soul 7's do.  I skiied on pair of 172's but would have preferred 180's but they were not available. For backcountry skiing with dynafit bindings this would be an incredible setup.


I talked to friends in JH today and they say the corn snow is GREAT today !!



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