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Beyond, I am sorry that you are (still) fighting the Bonafide, while it might not be the best ski for you, it performs supremely for the vast majority of skiers that get on it. As for people that have a financial stake in them, there are less than a handful here on Epic that have their paychecks coming from Blizzard. The shopworkers here very well like..nay love (in many cases) the Bonafide and in most cases can ski ANY ski they want, they quite frankly have no more stake in the Bonafide than any other ski they might carry. In these cases, when they can choose almost any ski, they CHOOSE the Bonafide, that right there should tell you something that it is not the conspiracy that you seem to claim it is. Sorry, for 2014, the Bonafide is still, very well, the best 98mm ski offered for the masses. 

when you use the word "best" it's always going to be BS. period. don't you get that?  kinda' puts start haus in a bad spot, you going off like this all the time.

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I would like to state for the record, that I am now officially categorizing my position as "cheerleader" --

no sarcasm intended, just want that to be perfectly clear so everyone knows I am an overly biased

industry person.


With that said...


Bonafide is the greatest ski in the history of the world...period.


(cue the pom poms)

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Well, I'm just a rube who likes to ski. I picked up a pair to 2014 Bones about a month ago. Philpug gets an assist for my purchase, as do many others here, for their insights and discussions. I've never had so much fun skiing as I have since getting Boned.

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You can buy 2014s already? Nice
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You can buy 2014s already? Nice

Blizzard did do an early release of the 2014 Bonafides ( and Cochise) to fill demands. There is no change to the construction or the ski for next year. Why fix what isn't broken.
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