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"skate" bindings on nt and bc skis

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Hello, just a thought I have had. Wondering if anyone has slapped bindings ( say fischer rc 3 s) on a pair of touring or bc skis.
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What's your definition of touring/backcountry? Nordic backcountry? It's fairly common to use nnn or sns touring bindings, which are similar in robustness to nnn and sns race bindings on skis with up to a @ 52-55mm waist. I've found that having a boot/binding combo that can overpower the ski is better than the opposite though. I've run nnnbc magnums and regular nnn bc bindings on my 62-52-57 Madshus Pellestovas and definitely prefer the magnum. I can definitely feel the increase in turning and edging control. With touring or track/skate bindings the control would suffer even more on those skis. I would imagine that with even wider skis would have terrible edge control and be much more likely to pull the binding out of the ski due to the leverage of the wider ski against the narrower bolt pattern and binding base.

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