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Ski Jacket Help....

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Can anyone tell me what order you would rate these jackets from the warmest to the least warm? With all the sale, I'm thinking....


Marmot Treeline

Patagonia Rubicon Rider

MontBell Thermawrap Guide

Marmot Cauldron Hoody



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Welcome to EpicSki!

I'm not sure I can get you a comparison of all of those jackets but I can attest to the warmth of my Rubicon. 


See review link in my signature. 

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no clue either, I always wanted a Patagonia but just picked up an inexpensive Columbia coat .. nice but not the thing.


Useless statement aside, just wanted to point out that Patagonia has (as many others) a year end sale, 50% off and free shipping if buying over $75


I noted the Rubicon on sale too:


I personally like the Powder Bowl but ... you know what you like, maybe this will help the decision.  well, given it's a direct buy.

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If you are looking for a warm jacket, I have found an insulated Arcteryx to be the warmest. The European manufacturers, like Millet, also make very warm pieces.
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Every clothing company buys insulation from a few known manufacturers, just go to their website and find out how much of what they put in their jacket and it'll be clear.
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Thanks everyone for your replys.... it's hard to tell from the weight of the insulation, because they are different kinds - that being said, it seems that the Patagonia Rubicon Rider is likely the warmest (not down), and the Montbell Thermawrap Guide the least, with the Marmot Treeline and Cauldron Hoody in the middle (although I have no idea which of them is warmer....) Interesting.... I see that the Rubicon is pretty cheap right now! Thanks.

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