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For me it depends on the weather.  If it's blue bird or nice and warm, I'm talkative.  If it's howling and I'd rather hunker down and stay warm with my chin tucked into my jacket, I'll be quiet.

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I really enjoy chairlift conversations.  Can't say I've noticed any real trends.  Some folks like to talk, some don't.  Some that do say interesting things, some don't.  As long as they're smiling it's all good.  I'll even report several times I've initiated conversations with folks that I didn't realize had earbuds in, only to have them remove one so they could hear and talk to me.  I usually turn my music off when I'm riding w/strangers.


On a few rides with silent partners this year I waited 'til about half way up then related the story below, then continued the ride in silence....... had me bustin' a gut, laughing on the inside.

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My wife and I get on Chair 2 in Vail with a boy in ski school ,I'm guessing he's around 8 years old.

We are in our 50's .

I ask him how he's doing and he replies " mister we really don't have to make conversation " .

We were at first stunned and didn't say another word to this kid but when we got off the lift we
both burst out laughing . While some may think this boy was rude I thought he had some guts .
He just didn't want to talk . He was being brutally honest .
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I think it probably depends a lot on WHERE you are and WHO you are.  If there are a lot of people from metro areas, guessing not much convo.  If you are three clear tourists, talking to each other, I doubt the fourth person on the lift will get much attention. Old ladies like me don't get much out of kids.  Basically, the dynamic is probably different for practically every chair depending on conditions, weather, and who the bodies are.  

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I don't mind talking on the chairlift, but my French is awful and most people here don't speak much English so most conversations generally don't last pass a few exchange of pleasantries.
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In spite of it's reputation, Squaw has been a good place for chairlift conversations.  Perhaps it's the relative lack of snow this season, but I don't remember many people self-absorbed with music.  I usually make a point to be friendly and initiate something.  Even with kids, I usually get something going.  I have kids of my own; so I can often relate.  There have been a few times, though, when I rode single with a couple of guys who talked with each other the whole way up.  Fair enough, I guess.  Then there was the guy who puked off the back of the chair.  Does that start or end a conversation?

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I rode the chair at Mammoth today with a kid in a blue bunny suit. I HAD to talk to him. My comment to him was, "Well this is a first!" Turns out he'd been racing all morning and finally got to "relax". Something tells me relaxing involved some smoked substances. He was a hoot. He shared with me that the suit was all he was wearing. I was not sure how to take that. He said it in the context of being hot. My husband may never let me go skiing alone again.

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Our crew rode with people from the British mounted police and criminal intel division, a ex MIG pilot, a guy who runs luxury trains, and people who bared their bums at a birthday party  in Bar One.



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