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Where to Stay [St. Anton]

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Meet Up Gathering HQ 

Hotel Rauch Garni is about a 2 minute walk to the Nasserein lift station which is handy. You can ski back there too (or nearly to the back door).   The boot room of the hotel is on the ground floor, so we don’t have sledge up and down stairs with out boots.  Garni Rauch is run by a St. Anton locals, and the husband being a experienced mountain guide and soccer player.


It is a 5 minute walk in the opposite direction to the pedestrianised town center which has good range of excellent restaurants and some lively bars!  There is a small bar in the hotel which is so cozy and perfect for an evening drink before or after going out to eat.   They have a large flat screen TV in their little bar, which will be featuring the Olympic highlights in the evening.


In a double rooms based on 2 people per room with shower/WC,hair drayer, telephone, cable-TV,WLAN, incl. breakfast buffet and 6 days ski-pass . Euro 725,00  per person and week.


There is also a large apartment in the Garni with 2 bedrooms, a full kitchen, and living room for those of us that are interested in self catering.  (I for one would like to self cater, and I being a foodie, I bring lots of yummies).

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For those wanting/requiring other accommodation around the center and not familiar with the town, I've put together a little map that you can use to compare to the map on accommodation sites. The red stars and arrows are the main base lifts. The blue star is HQ (the Hotel Rauch).


To give an idea of the size of the town, you can walk from the little roundabout between the two lifts on the bottom-left of the map to HQ in about 15 min in street shoes at a comfortable pace.


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19 April 2014


Yesterday I e-mailed the owner to ask about single supplements.  I'm waiting for an answer on that one and will update when I receive an answer.

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Make sure you book in St. Anton proper (not another village).  The town is small enough to walk anywhere so you if you have different tastes in accommodation, there is plenty of flexibility.


Hotel Garni looks fine to me but my wife will compare any hotel to the one we stayed in last year (1,200 euro for 2 for the week, breakfast included), which she absolutely loved.  Thus, I will go back to the same place or find something comparable closer to the center of town.  I don't want to hear grumbling about how "last year's hotel was better" when all I want to focus on is skiing and apres ski.

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Chraya, where did you stay then?

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Landhaus Strolz.  A 4 star, family owned lodge.  8 rooms, 4 apts.  Probably not the right place as a base for the gathering because: (i) price is above the budget of what most have indicated, (ii) location is a good 10 minute walk from center of town and (iii) there is not much of a lobby or common area.


I suspect the price I paid for the last week of March is lower than what they would charge for a mid February week.  The hotel was not full as it was a slow week.

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It looks like more hotels and B&Bs have posted their winter rates for next season, so the accommodation search on the St. Anton site is more up to date. It's worth checking in the coming weeks for those not staying at Gathering HQ.

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Closer we get to this date it becomes clearer what the prices and options would be available. It seems that E65-E100 is reasonable rate for a single room and E120-E180 for double room with apartments going accordingly to number of beds. 6 bed (3 bedroom) apartment seems to cost around E300-infinity.

I am set on St. Anton after entertaining idea of St. Christoph, half board for E135, single room and St. Jakob for E65 for a single room.

These are my research numbers so far.

Another option that I am entertaining is (depending if my friend joins me on this trip or not) to fill in a spot in one of chalets - very reasonable if openings are available.

Austrian rail seems cheaper than Swiss counterpart, same train, cheaper booking on Austrian website.

Train seem faster than bus (Arlberg Express) from Zurich. And more frequent.

Anybody interested in sharing an apartment ?

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First Point - Wow!  a thread on EpicSKi to which I can actually CONTRIBUTE as an EU-Based skiier.


Second point - St. Anton is quite a big town and has a lot of apartments and B7Bs which do not necessarily feature on the Anton website and/or book up in advance.  It IS possible (apeaking from experience) to turn up in St Anton with no booking in the height of peak season and get a room somewhere.  I don't recommedn it, but I just want to put peoples minds at ease, particularly those talking about sleeping in the train station :-)


Calling to the tourinst information centre in the centre of the village is pretty much guaranteed to end up with your having a room for that night.. I would consider St Anton and Chamonix the ONLY town in the alps where I would comfortably get on a plane/train without having accomodation booked.


Again I do NOT recommend this, just wanted to pint out that there is no reason for anyone to panic about accomodation there.


note that the town rises quie steeply uphill immediately after the 'main lift' (GALZIG?!) as one travels west, so that basically everything to the west of that point rises fairly sharpy uphil and can therefore mean quite a long and uphill walk home.


Skiing in Anton is amazing, and I was considering either Anton or Zermatt for a long weekend on February - are blow-ins still welcome to this gathering?



(BTW have  Skii'ed anton for  5-6 weeks at least over last 10 years - happy to answer questions any may have)


I noted from readin gthe thread that many are looking at hotels

It's pretty easy to get chalet accommodation also....and it is NOT necessary to exclusively book the chalet they are expected to take mixed groups.


e.g. http://www.born2ski.com/st_anton_chalets.html

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Catharsis, indeed ...


I feel better about coming to St. Anton without making hotel accommodation. As we speak/type it seems that St. Anton might be a bit snow challenged at least for it to show its glory. I am looking at weather sites and hoping that  Arlberg/Voralberg would get some additional snow in the next few weeks. France is looking good and Cervinia and Dolomites seem to ski well. 


As of now I am totally committed to best snow conditions. That's where I am going to stay !

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St. Anton is snow challenged at the moment.  The pistes are in decent conditions, as the piste masters do the best with what they have, but the off-piste is a different story, unless weather patterns fundamentally change.  The Italian side of the Alps are brilliant.

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I am closely following snow and weather trends in the Alps and I am quite positive that St. Anton will be hit by 2 feet of snow around Jan 25th. Problem is - is it enough? Conditions might be dangerous for any off piste skiing - as recent reports from French Alps suggest was the case after few weeks of no snow and variable conditions followed by decent snowfalls.

Mind you, "off piste" in Europe can mean 50 feet off marked trail and snow conditions are quite different than "on piste" 50' away !

After all I do not care - just dump the snow and I would stay "on piste", I promise ...

If I end up with the car - Pettneu seems close enough. Without the car - St. something... Anton, Jakob, Christhoph.

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