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2004 Volkl Supersport 4 Star

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Ski Make: Volkl
Ski Model: 2004 Supersport 4 Star
Binding: Marker 1200 Motion
Ski Length: 168
Snow Conditions Used In: From frozen granular corduroy to mashed potatoes
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: Fair to Middlin'
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 50
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 50 to none depending
Other Skis You Like: Dynastar 4X4 Powertrac, Rossi Viper STX
Your Height/Weight: 5'9" 180 lbs

Well I am stoked. These shorties are all I hoped for. They carve on the hard with neutral weighting and either cross under or traditional technigue. When the snow got soft they wanted a bit of forward weighting. Not enough to cause shin pressure, I found that conciously pushing down on the ball of the foot was just right. Skidding is easy and acceptable to these skis. I got in the back seat three times and only got spanked once and that on purpose because my trajectory appeared to be headed towards rocks and fallen logs off the trail. Easier to take a seat than to try that line. Being a short ski there is not much leverage once you get too far back. Using forward to rearward pressure through a turn did provide a BIG realease of energy when the next turn was initiated. But it had to be subtle.

I could not find a speed limit with these today. They will even run straight if you don't mind a bit of wander. But they do better with some edging. I found it easy to take a straight shot when needed to pass slower skiers without so much as a shudder from the skis. Once high speed is reached on a steep slope carving is really a lot easier than any skidded type of turn. The skis will hold a carve nicely and go all the way round if you want. They are really fun just short swinging with cross under and making lots of carved wiggle turns. The wiggle seems just as effective in controlling speed as do long sweeping completed arcs.

The skis have a really nice ring on hardpack and ice. Almost like playing the saw. Must be the metal. They are pretty good at plowing thru chopped up mashed potatoes, especially if you really lean them over.

I did 35000 feet of vertical in three hours on these skis today and my legs finally gave out, but they certainly are easy on the legs. Now I have to decide whether I want to keep my Powertracs. Got to ski these in some more conditions, but they are pretty much all around skis for me.
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What with all the wonderfulness of a broken ankle and all I did not update this review.

The Four Star is all that I wanted in a ski. It holds on the hard like a knife. I got to use some of the stuff from the extension and inclination discussion on the technique forum. Well it worked wonders. I was able to carve up the mountain like a hot knife slicing butter. What a rush making perfect carves from top to bottom of a run. Albeit we only have a thousand feet of vertical from top to bottom, that much gets me a workout at my age. I really like this ski. Took some time to get it dialed but it is really smooth.
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Sorry about your ankle, but before you buy the 4 star, try the G3 or AX3, better all mountain ski. See other post about the six star.
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Thanks Smithby,

I have an all mountain and was looking for some shorter radius turns. Now when I get the Fischer Worldcup SC's mounted up my quiver will have a good arrow for almost any condition or mood I am in.
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