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Mammoth was nice today

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Read it was suppose to snow up to 6 inches on Tuesday so I asked my girl for a hall pass for the pups and I.  We arrived at 11am this morning and the 4"-6" was pretty well ripped up, but it was cool out (33 degrees) so the snow was really nice.  Really glad we made the 6 hour drive from San Diego, as I thought my season was over.  Should be fun getting in a little corn harvest the next few days, as it warms up again.  Sorry about the crappy cell phone picredface.gif


Oops and almost forgot my partners in crime.


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Beautiful beasts!  How is the snow pack holding up?  We are heading up for closing weekend - rumored to be Memorial Weekend.

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I am always amazed at how well Mammoth holds snow.  Can't guess where it will be in a month, but it was fun today, so get here quick.  And thanks, my babies are show stoppers in person.  I am always amazed no one wanted them and there they were for adoption.

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