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Looking to replace wider end of Tahoe quiver

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About me:


Where?: Ski in Tahoe, mostly Squaw, Alpine, Sierra and Kirkwood.


Terrain: This season I learned to love trees, crud, and soft bumps. I also enjoy ripping medium-steep groomers. Powder days are awesome, but I don't feel the need to own a dedicated powder ski at this point.


Days: I have probably skied 30-40 days per year for the last 4 years, but very little before that.


Level: I am probably a solid intermediate/early advanced skier. I am confident and can control my speed on nearly all groomed runs, barring super icy steeps. I am decent in softer bumps, and can pick my way through loosely packed glades on steepish terrain. I am okay in the powder, but haven't tried a rockered pow ski to see if that will improve my technique there.  I haven't done any park stuff, and don't have huge interest there. I do enjoy popping off the occasional feature, but it's not a focus.


Size: 5'8", 185 lbs


My question:


I have 3 pairs of skis at the moment: A 2009 Volkl AC30, 170cm, a 2010 Volkl Katana, 183cm, and a 2013 Volkl Kendo, 177cm. I have enjoyed all these skis, with a caveat--I was about 80 lbs heavier when I enjoyed the Katana. I tried it this last season and it was a bit too much ski for me. I'm looking to replace it with something a bit more easy-going, without as much of a big-mountain charger attitude. 


Skis I've seen discussed that interested me:


Kastle BMX108

Kastle FX94

Stockli SR95/107

Rossignol Soul 7

Blizzard Bonafide

Blizzard Kabookie

Blizzard Cochise (might be too similar to my old Katana, but the different rocker profile is interesting.)


Nordica El Capo (again, maybe too beefy)

Nordica Vagabond

Line Sir Francis Bacon


I could use some advice! Thanks in advance.

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Of the above that I have skied or am familiar with:


BMX108 - too much of a big mountain ski on hard pack.

Stormrider 95 - this could be your go to ski (have owned or skied SR XL, XXL and VXL).

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Thanks for the reply! I was a little concerned about the SR95 and the FX94 being a little too close to the Kendo in dimensions--are they sufficiently different in character? 

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To quote dawgcatching in a review:


Stockli Stormrider 95: maybe the best ski I have ever been on.  It was one of the top 3 skis in bumps, held better on firm snow than most of the 80-90mm group, was super easy and forgiving, and had the stability of a 183cm (I skied 174cm).  What a ski!  Only issue is the relatively short length for new snow.



Review here: http://www.epicski.com/t/117969/demo-skis-tested-as-sia-2014-models-super-quick-reviews

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Might wanna add Scott's The Ski to your shortlist.  Philpug has a lot of time on it and can comment.  At your size, skill, and location, sounds like it might be a very strong contender.  A lot cheaper than Kastle/Stockli as well. Phil is also much closer to your size than Dawgcatching.


Have a read:



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Seems like you're set with the Kendo on the narrow end.  I'd go 105-115mm on the other ski and avoid the 95-100 skis to avoid overlap.  On the wider side, the 11-12 Rossi Sickle in a 186 (actually measures 182.5) has a 110mm waist and I've been having a lot of fun at Squaw on them.  Way easier going than a Katana or Cochise.  Not as powerful in crud, but good all around and surprisingly good on the groomed run outs.  Has very low early rise tip/tail, and flattish continous rocker profile.  Took them down West Face last weekend on the slush bumps and had a great time.  You can probably find them somewhere new for between $350-$400. 


see:  http://blistergearreview.com/gear-reviews/review-2011-2012-rossignol-sickle-2010-2011-rossignol-s6-186cm

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I'll check out The Ski and the Sickle. Dino, I think you're probably right about too much overlap with the 95-100ish skis and the Kendo. I'm pretty happy with the Kendo on low-snow days. Thanks for the advice, all! If anyone has more ideas about the listed skis, that would be great too.

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Would love to get a bit more feedback, if anyone has the time.

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