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Sizing Head X-Shapes

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Hi All,


I'm cruising the end of season deals and have run into the inevitable "That's fantastic but it's not my size" conundrum. In particular, I'm really intrigued by the Head X-Shape MTX and can get them for a great deal in a 170. Now, I used to ski Olin 170's back in the day, but I understand that now 170 would be considered long for me. I'm still curious though as the MTX's more relaxed flex and deeper sidecut should potentially make them more manageable. Anyway, about me: 40 years old, 5'4", 145lbs, intermediate New England skier. I'm just getting back into skiing after 20 years on carving and BX snowboards. I'm mostly on piste, though my friends are taking me into the trees a bit more. I tend to like short, quick turns and medium-speed carves when I'm on groomers.


Oh yeah, "newer" skis that I've owned/tried: Volkl Tigershark 10's in a 161 and Fischer Motive 88's in 168. The TS's were generally fun, but turned a bit too sharp when I leaned them over at moderate speeds. The Fischers wanted to go pretty fast with their 17m sidecut, and their 88mm waist made keeping them on edge more work than I'm used to.


Thanks for any helpful input! It's between the Head MTX and last year's Dynastar Cross or Cross Pro in a 165. All seem to have their selling points.

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The X-Shape MTX is a fantastic carving ski. 170 is way too long for you at 5'4 and 145lbs. I would suggest 156, or 163 at most. Keep in mind it's a carving ski meant for groomers. It's not like you can't take it off piste, but it really shines making short radius carved turns on groomers at moderate speeds. 


If you're planning to pick up the pace and intensity, you may prefer the Head Integrale 009. It skis similarly but has more rebound for somewhat faster groomer skiing, and it rides off piste better. 

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Thanks Metaphor. That's what I needed to hear. I think the 156 MTX would be to much like my old Volkls, at least in terms of their specs. I wish the Integrale's were easier to find in the US. The only online shop I see carrying them has a 170 left, that's it.


If anyone can add anything about the Dynastar Speed Cross line, I'm all ears.

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