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Squaw Valley and Environs

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Is Squaw Valley a good place to ski?  Thoughts and recommendations about SV and other resorts in the area?  Thank you!

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Yes. Search the Tahoe thread and see videos.
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There are a lot of reasons to love this area, including easy flights, reasonable lodging, and world class skiing.  

What kind of skiing do you like? 

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Thank you. I have never skied Squaw so I just wondered how it compares, for example, with Aspen for a trip from the East coast (next year).
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Squaw has steeper runs and chutes that you don't find at Aspen, however Aspen's runs are longer.  Squaw is known for its steeps and drops.  Super fun.  I'd say Aspen Snowmass has some terrain that can be compared to Squaw, like Hanging Wall and AMF. 

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I visited Squaw Valley for the first time this past January and was very impressed:

I visited a number of other fine ski areas in the Tahoe region and discuss them here:


The Aspen group is an outstanding choice for skiing as well, perhaps a little less crowded than Squaw particularly at peak times.

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Squaw and the Tahoe Region are a heck of a lot easier to get to than Aspen. With Squaw you have Alpine Meadows right next door that shares a ticket too. If you haven't been to Tahoe, you owe it to yourself, even just for the views. Plus there is a significant amount of bears that ski this region so you will have someone to ski with and show you around. 

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Thanks again.  Someone asked what kind of skiing I prefer.  To be honest I prefer wide open blues, surely not steeps or chutes.  At my age (64) I am really enjoying taking it light and easy and enjoying leisurely carving.  Is this a possibility at either Squaw or Aspen?    Thank you.

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While you can find a good number of blue cruisers at Squaw / Alpine, both resorts are more focused on off piste skiing.  In the Tahoe area you'd probably prefer Northstar, Homewood or Heavenly.

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So JayT.... are you saying that on balance, given all the logistics, cost, and  pleasures of being in or around Squaw, that Squaw edges out Aspen as a destination?

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Squaw Valley is a great place to ski.  IMHO: The biggest difference is the higher moisture content of the snow. Because of that, I generally tend to ski there in the spring.  Squaw and Alpine have lots of different exposures and some of the best spring skiing I've found.

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Well, I love Squa. (obviously) but if you are a cruiser a lot of its charm will be lost. Aspen looks like a really fun area with 4 mountains on the same ticket, plenty of cruisers, and a ski town.

In Tahoe the premier cruiser mountain is Heavenly. On a good day the views are to die for. Alpine Meadows and Northstar are also OK. It all depends on the snow. If you can afford to plan at the last minute I'd go where the snow is best. That would make a major difference. Ditto on spring skiing in Tahoe.
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Originally Posted by Michaelfahlund View Post

So JayT.... are you saying that on balance, given all the logistics, cost, and  pleasures of being in or around Squaw, that Squaw edges out Aspen as a destination?


Definitely not.  The negatives about Aspen (cost and harder to get to) are also positives, since it is considerably less crowded than Tahoe as a result.  And for you, when it comes to long intermediate cruisers, from what I understand Snowmass is tough to beat.  Squaw does have some good groomed trails but it is not the focus there, at all.


Also, if I were to remove skiing from the equation and it was just about hanging out in town, nightlife, etc - Aspen would win hands down... in the winter.  I haven't been there in about 10 years now, so I'm assuming the place hasn't gone to hell.  ;-)

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Thank you, everyone, for all the great advice!  I really appreciate it.

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