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So, I'm cruising along on Belt Parkway and my skis are going straight, and I'm picking up speed and absorbing a lot of bumps, which is painful, and I'm asking myself 'why am I still going down the fall line, didn't I turn????'

And I realized that the very slight, subtle motion that I use to initiate my turns just isn't working; and without it, the rest of the turn doesn't happen.


I could see some clean ski tracks in the snow from a previous run, and a good skier passed me, going fast. I started trying to emulate what I saw him doing.

On the way up on the chair an expert spring skier gave me some tips on how to ski in mashed potatoes.

I spent the next few hours retraining myself, learning a new set of skills for a new set of conditions. .

At times I felt like a beginner when his skis get pointed down the fall line and he freezes and can't remember what he's supposed to do, and just takes off down the hill completely out of control.


At the end of the day my bones were sore, my muscles were sore, the space between my bones and muscles was sore, the space between my muscles and skin was sore, the space outside of my skin was sore....


I was having some trouble with stairs the next day, but wanted to get back onto sticky snow for another workout, more relearning and experimenting. By Tuesday I was still sore... It was challenging, and a different kind of fun from skiing well.


I should be fine by Sunday.