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Line Prophet 98 Length for a Big Guy

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Hi everyone:


Longtime lurker, first-time poster here - you've all been an incredible resource, so thanks for all the invaluable information I've already gathered from this site.. and thanks in advance for any input on my question.


I'm thinking about grabbing a pair of Line Prophet 98's to take advantage of the great late-spring sales and wanted to get your advice re: length. I know this is a question that's been asked a million times, but I haven't seen a post yet re: these skis that matches my large size and basic ability. Unfortunately, given my geographic limitations.. demo-ing isn't an option.


I'm 6'3", 250 pounds (but I'm starting a diet tomorrow and have been very good in the past at losing weight, so expect to be 225 or below by next winter - at least, I hope!). I'm a level 6/7 skier, 44 years old and in average shape who skis Volkl AC30's at 177 cm. I ski about 10 days a year (sad, I know) mostly in Vermont and the Poconos, but travel out west once or twice each season, usually to Big Sky.


I don't rip it like most of you do.. only 30 mph at most on the groomers.. and I'm trying to learn how to ski off-piste in the bumps, the trees and the steeps where I definitely will take it slow and make a lot of turns. I love my Volkls on the groomers and in the crud, but they're not good for those tight turns everywhere else - too difficult for me to turn quickly.


I know the Lines ski short.. but given that I'm your basic intermediate.. albeit one who hopes to keep advancing.. would you recommend the 179's or the 186's? My local shop has a great deal on the 179's and that's the way I'm leaning because I want a quick-turning ski.. but if that's a bad choice.. I could look online to find the 186's.


Thanks again for any advice you could send my way.

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I'm 6'2" and around 190-195 last time I checked.  I ski the P98's in a 179 which is perfect for me; they definitely don't feel as though they ski long. 


As far as skier ability I would say we may be similar.  I may be somewhat more advanced then you but probably not overly so.  I value agility in a ski too as I'm also trying to become a better bump, off-piste skier and even though the Lines ski short, I couldn't imagine skiing the 186's. 


I've found them stable at high speeds and have had a blast skiing bumps and trees with them (conditions were good).  Took them out last week in some very deep, icey bumps and they weren't a magic bullet for those bad boys.  Though I'm sure that had to do with my inexperience more than anything else. 


I think with you having the extra weight you will find the 176's very versatile and agile.  You probably can get away with the 186's but for what you're looking to do the 176's would be great.

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Hespeler - thanks so much for the input! Gonna go with my gut and grab the 179's.
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