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Possum Fur ... Review (for IG)

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(See New Zealand thread in Random Humour for further explanation. At the request of Inspector Gadget, I am posting this consumer gear review. Some may feel that this review is not suitable for children. If you are easily offended, please do not read any further. Equally, if you are reading this in an open plan office, and have a tendancy to laugh out loud at low quality humour, it may also be advisable not to read any further)
Well, we've been trying our his and hers Possum Fur G Strings for the last week, and one of the biggest things I've noticed is that it has really put a spark back into our relationship. In fact, the electricity is really there at a sexual level. This is both a good thing and a very bad thing.
It is good that we are back to this level. [img]smile.gif[/img]
It is bad, because as this static electricity discharges, it chooses to take the shortest route to the ground. This frequently involves passing through my body, particularly some of the more sensitive parts of it. :

As to other features:
Comfort is high (or as high as it can be when wearing a cheese grater)
Warmth is excellent
The binding mechanism is interesting. It wasn't developed in conjunction with Marker, cause it is sometimes difficult to get bits to release at all - even after washing, some dingleberries are still clinging to them.
Wax: Well, there's no point in waxing them. We bought them because of the fur, and we're not going to take the fur off.
Edges: Sometimes they ride up a bit, and you catch an edge. This can vary between painful, and completely wiping you out.
Sizing: You need to get the right size. I know some of you are from the old school and have ego problems, so would buy far bigger than you need. This is not a good idea, as they will fall off. Buying too small may cut off your blood supply, so is not a good idea either.

Overall: We're very happy with them. I was going to post a photo of them here, but I believe AC might remove it.


Edit: I can't spell fUr!

[ March 13, 2003, 01:17 AM: Message edited by: Wear the fox hat ]
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
Possum Fir
As in "Oregon pine"? or as in "fur"?

I can understand why fir might be a bit uncomfortable but you must have your tongue deeply into your cheek for this one!
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You did not use the template!

How in the world will I compare to other similar products if you don't use the template?
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Why are you reviewing a jock strap made out of an evergreen tree? Why don't you go out and find one made of fur, or at least fleece? Is this a heavy weight item? For example, can you carry Inspector Gadget's jock strap?
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
Who needs lawyers?
Who needs courtrooms?
What you really need is a stronger CEO.



I cannot thank you enough for your comprehensive review of the Possum Fur G-String; though, I think you may have omitted the accessory nipple warmers, did you not purchase this lovely companion piece?

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Apologies for the spelling, I shall correct FIR to FUR. It's been a rough few days.
As for the nipple warmers, no I didn't feel they were worth while, any time she complains about cold nipples, or I see people hanging their coats on her, I just go over and warm them up...

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On a more serious note, if you purchase a Possum Fur G String you are helping the NZ environment. Possums are a pest here (they are an import from Aussie) and are destroying our native forests, including the birdlife.

So if you are a greenie, buy NZ Possum fur and help save our forests. Demand means better prices for possums skins, and will hopefully encourage more trappers - and we won't have to keep resorting to laying tonnes of 1080 poison in our supposed 'clean green' native forests.

I think I'll pass on the G String and support the possum indstry by purchasing garments made of 'possum wool'.
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