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On piste ski for woman

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My girlfriend is thinking about buying a new pair of skis, replacing her 5-6 year old Dynastars which she has outgrown a long time ago. She is 162 cm (5''3) tall and weighs around 55 kg (120lbs) and is 25 years old. She is a very good skier (advanced? seems like everyone is) who likes shorter turns. She will only ski on piste.


When we have skied this year she has rented some skis: first a pair of Elan Ilumina Fusion (, later a pair of Rossignol Strato 7 ( and lastly a pair of Atomic Affinity Storm ( The Elan's were OK but not more than that; the Rossignol's and the Atomic's were both very good skis which she liked alot.


She has looked into some skis that seem interesting and that she (we) can get at a decent price:

- Volkl Allura

- Head Mya 7

- Atomic Cloud D2 75

- Dynastar Exclusive Elite Light

- Nordica Belle to Belle

- Head Supershape Magnum

- Fischer Progressor 800


What do you guys/girls think of these for her? Any other suggestions or comments? And yes, unfortunately the skiing season is pretty much over here so no demoing before buying...


Thanks for a fantastic website and forum!

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Welcome to EpicSki.  Frankly, I think she has already found her ski, the Rossi or the Atomic.  She has skied both of those and liked them "alot."  If she can't demo she's trying to compare specifications against actual experience.  Personally I'll take experience over specifications every time.  I spent three days demoing skis this season and while there were quite a few that I though were good to excellent skis, only a couple of them really stood out.  Are there others that might be better?  Probably there are, but the two skis I picked to buy for next season do exactly what I want them to do so I really don't have anything to gain by trying others.  If she had a slight preference for either the Rossi or the Atomic, buy that one.  If she liked them equally well, buy whichever one is cheaper. 

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The Atomic Affintiy Storm has been a very popular ski for women in my region. Abitlity level will determine the length chosen. I have found that with the added width (compared to low 70s mm waist) that venturing into powder on the sides of slopes has increased, which has led to attempting off piste terrain.


My sister-inlaw used the Storm over the Easter weekend. Her current ski is a Heaven's Gate, and it took her a few runs to adjust from a 12m radius to the 14m, but after 3 days I had to pry them out of her hands so I had them for the next demo. My brother will be spending money again :)

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You could take a look at, they're especially very positive about the Belle to Belle.
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I don't think the Belle to Belle fits the needs of the skier.   I found that ski to be not enough ski for an advanced skier.

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Thanks for all the replies! Since she really loved the Rossignol Strato 7 that would be a good and safe choice, true! It's an older model though and seems hard to find. Do know what would be an equivalent model in todays Rossignol line?

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