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Leaky boots

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Probably stupid to try to get this solved in a forum. But where are my boots leaking? Specifically the left.  Started after I got intuitions, probably because I don't have to crank down the buckles anymore. Only the left boot leaks, and the leak seems to be on the inner side of the boot, in front of the cuff rivet--no leak on the outer side near the cuff angle bolt. The part of the liner that's getting wet is well below the top of the lower boot--there is nothing but intact plastic over the area. I have siliconed the toe dam, the overlap, the insides of both boots where the buckle screws and cuff rivets penetrate, and the only place left that leaks is where I described.  Any guess where the water is getting in? I can take the liners out every day, but I have enough arthritis in my thumbs that it's a bit painful to put them back in and I keep getting my hand stuck.  But mainly I'm frustrated trying to figure it out. Obsessed if you will. 

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Most boots leak a little, some leak a lot.  Punching can cause more leaking as can a good fit that doesn't require tight buckling.  We sometimes use self-adhesive window and door seal strips and they work well.



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