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have a really solid quiver:


2012 Kastle MX78 in 178

2012 Kastle LX82 in 172

2013 Kastle FX94 in  176

2013 Blizzard Cochise in 177

2012 Line Mr Pollard's Opus in 178


I am 5'6" and weigh 165 lbs.  I probably don't need all these but I love gear.  I use the MX and LX in Michigan.  And the rest I use on my trips out west.  I went to Snowbird/Alta in early February and skied my FX94's all 4 days and had a great time on these ski's but demoed the Cochise for a few hours on that trip.  I had so much fun on the Cochise when I got home I found a brand new pair and had them mounted with brand new Griffon's.  I got a killer deal on the set, under $600.  So me and my buddy took another trip out to Utah from March 26-31.  I skied the Cochise 2 of the 5 days and have to say I had more fun on these ski's than my the Opus and FX94 which I also brought.  If I would have known I was going to have that much fun I would have only brought the Cochise.  The day I skied Alta I skied on my Opus.  The Baldy Main Chute was open that day so we did the hike and skied it.  However In hindsight I wish I would have had my Cochise because I think it would have been the proper ski for that day and especially the Main Chute.


I now know that the Opus will only be pulled out on days of over a foot of snow.  The Cochise and FX94 will be used on all other days.  The SFB and Opus are very similar and I really don't need both but my lust for gear got the best of me this winter.  What I really like about the Cochise is that it has no speed limit but still is an extremely manageable ski that still holds a huge fun factor for me.  To be honest I think that the stability adds to the fun factor.  I had to change my style a tad to more of a pivot and smear turn instead of jumping turns.  I have always wanted to have more of a fluid style when making turns on steeps.  I have always been more of a jump turner but the Cochise gave me the confidence to make more pivoty and fluid turns.  That style is much more proficient and saves a lot of energy and doesn't wreck as much havoc on the knees. 


Another thing that the Cochise does is it really holds an edge well on the hard pack.  I wasn't expecting that because it is the first full rockered ski I have ever owned.  I can't tell you how happy I am that I bought these skis.  I was actually worried after buying them even though I demoed them because early in the season I bought a pair of Bonafides and hated them.  They seemed way to stiff and lifeless.  I skied the Bones a few days in Northern Michigan and just didn't gel with them.  They didn't seem to respond the way I wanted them too.  Not sure if it is because the Bones are 180's and the Cochise are 177's.  Or maybe because the Cochise is a full rockered ski it makes them ski smaller.  The positive thing about the Bones was I sold them for the same price as I bought them new for.  Supply and demand is a great thing.


Whatever the reason I am sold on the Cochise and know it will become my go to ski in every condition save a foot or deeper.  It will be hard though sometimes to choose between the Cochise and FX94 because I really do enjoy both.  However I do like the way the Cochise instills confidence in me to make more pivoty turns on the steeps and the FX I do more of a jump turn.  Thinking of selling the SFB since it seems like to much overlap with the Opus.  Just thought I'd share my enthusiasm of the Cochise here.