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I can only admire your diligence and determination in such a scientific approach to ski evaluation (toasting you with my half empty glass of Chardonnay).
As for me, I decided to forego new skis for this year (new boots, though). I will stick with what I have until I think I need new ones. But I am glad you are out there turning your critical, and by now, vastly experienced attention to ski performance. This calls for another toast! Salut!
I am looking forward to seeing you on those Heads sometime soon.

Hugo [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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... and I now toast YOU lifting my emptied bottle of Rock Art Brewery Whitetail Golden Ale!

I hope you'll see me skiing on my Heads and not on my head as occured at one time at Sugarbush yesterday.

I have all six pairs lined up against the wall, and I asked my son which I should select for my audition. He said to choose the easiest.

I'm going with the Bandit X . . . but that's just to be on the safe side.
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Grabbed a pair of Chip 75s for my trip to Smuggs. Although conditions weren't ideal (Spring soup the first 2 days and rock solid ice on the last), I came away with these observations.

Desc: Male, 6'2", 180lbs, Level 3 instructor, Athletic build.
Equip: Lange XR9, 8mm risers, sole planed to -1, booster strap, Eliminator foam shin insert.

-ski was extremely stable high speeds. I previously owned a pair of last years Rossignol Viper Xs - they chattered as you engaged in long sweeping GS turns.

-at low speeds, ski was still maneuverable but this ski wants to go fast. Also, who wants to go slow!

-in the bumps, I was treated to a ski that also soft enough to maneuver. Tail didn't seem too stiff that I got popped out.

-when it came to rock hard ice on my last day, these really bite hard. More solid than my Viper Xs which were already great.

-if you want to spit out rapid fire turns, these were about a 1/2 turn slower than the Viper Xs. It was still possible, but you have to be really solid fundamentally and on your game.

Overall, surprised that the ski adjusted to such varying speeds and terrain. Although, I didn't get a chance to try them in powder and crud - I expect them to be definitely better than my previous pair.
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maim00, what size were you on?
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i was skiing 177. absolutely beautiful to ski and look at!
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