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Volkl Snow Rangers

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I saw a great deal on a pair of Volkl Snow Rangers. I know that Volkl no longer makes this ski. Anyone care to comment on the characteristics of this ski, esp. in comparison to some of the newer stuff out now. I managed to dig up some specs on the ski, they are 105/79/98 which makes makes them a 'fat' ski, though not as fat as some of the fats out nowadays.
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I've never skied them, but I was talking to a patroller who had a pair. He uses them in the outback. He said they are a bit heavy but they can darn near bust through rocks!

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Here's a recent thread on the Snow Rangers:
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Rio, thanks for pointing me to the msg thread. I forgot that there was a search option for the msg forum.

Anyways, I scooped up the Snow Rangers. I figure $100 for the ski with bindings, I can't go too far wrong They are a fairly stiff board with a modest side cut. Just have to wait now till the snow falls.
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If the boards aren't worn out that is a steal. The Snow Ranger has a cult like following amongst people that have owned them. They are not as stiff as later Volkl mid-fats which makes them better for non-groomed conditions.
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They are in excellant condition, a few minor nicks on the top sheet. The base and edges look like they have been barely used. I'm quite surprised that none else had scooped them up a long time ago. I guess not too many people have heard of the Snow Rangers before, I know I never have.
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The Volkl Snowrangers and Volant PowerKarves were the first all mountain mid fat skis, in fact they defined the catagory or maybe its now catagories.

The Snowrangers were really better suited for the more expert skier, due to being stiffer, having less waist width and thus slightly less flotation, and being not as forgiving as the PowerKarves.

The dimensions of both skis, are pretty close.

I skied both before deciding on the Powerkarves. I felt while not quite as fast edge to edge as the Snowrangers, the Powerkarves were much better on the icy hard pack snow that we often have here in Michigan. Both did very well on groomed and in gunky snow make a decision that for you leads to......

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