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TR: Vail Closing 2013

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Came out to Vail for closing weekend. Sat was a great Spring day - soft from the snow earlier in the week and sunny. Didnt have much hope for Sunday, given my luck in CO this year but i was wrong, very wrong.

The rain @ 9pm leaving dinner on Sat night turned into snow sometime before morning. Quickly got stuff together and out the door. Got about the 6th chair on # 8 at 8:30. Not too many pictures as I was the only one with a camera phone and didn't want to stop that much.


When going up, kind of had that feeling it was going to be a pretty good day


Started to plan the strategy. Normal routine would be #8->#2->#4 and over the back, but looking down @ 4 from 2 - no line and nobody going up, so unloaded 2 and over into Gamecreek. This is looking back up Ouzo w/ my tracks on right. Might have been the 3rd or 4th down.


Couple laps through The Woods and off to the back. Blue Sky still closed @ 10 but headed over to Sun Up and over on Headwall. Wind had put more than 13" in there, it was Deep. Down to #5 (High Noon) as it was the only lift spinning on the backside. It was a bit crowded, but fun w/ hijinks galore.


Did a few more laps in Sun Up, expecting long lines, as it was worth it w/ wind providing refills each lap. Initial wait @ bottom of 5 was around 30 minutes (above) but was shaved down to 10 on the next few runs. I guess folks had other plans or priorities. The back closed at 1:30 and Blue Sky never opened but what a great day!

Around 3pm we were at the top of # 4 and the fun looked like it was in pre-game mode but about to get started. Obviously oblivious to the 30 degrees and 30 mph wind - but owning it.


Fun day and hammering the whole way down the hill this AM. Much more to be had @ A-basin I would expect this year!
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Thanks for the report- We got another foot+ last night and today...needless to say, things skied great at employee day!


It is still coming down so A-Basin, Loveland and Winter Park should be very good tomorrow!

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^ I bet. In Denver now and it has been puking snow since lunchtime. Vail pass was getting a little dicey on the up. Lots of cars on the shoulder and tow trucks.
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Talked to my condo manager this morning, 17" on the ground in Avon at Lakeside. SICK!

It was brown when I arrived wednesday afternoon, maybe had 2-3 when I left sunday morning to ski and fly home, and now 17" just sitting there.

We were gondola 8 or 9 out of Lionshead and passed the first chair up. Dropped into Gamecreek through the trees where I hit a hole and went over the handlebars, only to have a little ankle tweek. OK! Back up where my bud and I dropped in at Wildwood, hung a left and smoked it between Straight Shot and Windows only to find already a couple minute shuffle. Next lap was down Milt's Face to a closed Sun Up Lift, so off to High Noon again. This time, like your pic, we found a 23 minute shuffle in the singles line. Adios! Back to Gamecreek for some trees and whatever wecould find. It was like Springbreak, busy everywhere.

Thusday and Friday were EPIC, no one around, as we hit Mongolian for laps of untracked. It was sooo good we did our pack wraps picnic at the bottom of the Poma. We didn't want to leave.

Fun watching folks bootpack up the Poma line, even a couple skinned up the track.

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Looks like Vail and Breck are opening for the weekend. 


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Does that mean another 4@4?

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Originally Posted by snokat View Post


We were gondola 8 or 9 out of Lionshead and passed the first chair up.


That fact was not lost on the folks in the chair line.  Basically had to tell them that they had been loading the gondi for a couple of minutes w/ guest before the guy said "I guess its good to go".  Sounds like you had fun too. 

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I think the management was running things at that  point, even looked like the 3 lifties at Sun Up chair were serious about getting it open until they just quit.

Liftie flu? ;o)


Vail reporting 54" for the last 7 days, must have been nice this morning.

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