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Hello All,


I'd like to ask yo for help with identification of skis I own. The point is there's no any ski of such geometry in catalogs of this era.

I guess it should be model of 2003/2004 season or something around but for GS11:21 there were officially only skis from 171cm and R>21m with Race binding. Junior models were also different and GS 9.21 had different plate under binding and power channels made from carbon not titanium.


What I have is:

169cm R16 105–66–95

B4 profile, Titanium power channels

binding: Centro 412 (binding plate like on the picture)




Atomic Beta Race is quite old ski but still very good if not damaged.


Me as enthusiast I would be happy to know more about this great ski.


Does anyone of you have some experience or information about this specific model? What's the year? Why it's not in catalogs? The purpose, was it designed for renting? Anyone skied them?


Thank you