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Atomic C9.18 150s

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I am thinking of buying a Atomics 9.18 size 150. Need some
advice - on size and model before i plunge in.

I am a 42 yr old Male, 135lbs, 5 ft, 5in. in other words - short and light.

Skiing ability - I can link several turns on groomed blacks. I can link maybe 2 turns on ungroomed steep blacks with fair amount powder. - at places like Snowbird and Snowbasin.

SIZE: Is 150 too short for me? I think i have better control with 150s. My goal is to "ski varied terrain in a controlled fashion". I don't care about speed.

Model: how is the C9.18 off-piste? I will probably be skiing 50% groomed and 50% ungroomed stuff. should i consider the R9.22?

any advice would be helpful.
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C9:18 would be fine in 150 size but is mainly a piste carver. Thinking about 50% on and 50% off piste I'd rather go with the R9:22 in a 160 version. But then again as you don't care about speed, you would maybe be better off with the Salomon X-Scream series in a 161 length (if at least they beat the price of the R9:22's).

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At 135lbs, a 150 is the longest ski I would consider.

I would also look at the 9.12 (or whatever they call it now), I think it's more fun than the 9.18.

I love the Atomic skis, but I'm not a big fan of their bindings.

Based on your post, I wonder if you might enjoy spending more time on the groomed and work on technique so that you enjoy your time on the ungroomed more. If you struggle too much on the ungroomed, it will reinforce defensive habits.

I'm on 9.16's, and sadly I haven't needed a wider ski so far this year. The deepest freshies I've gotten have been 6-8" and they were fine for that.

My next ski will be one like the 9.12, but compatible with Look/Rossi bindings.

Have Fun!
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I demoed that ski and in my opinion it skis pretty short and is not super-stiff. I would try the 160s and 170s before you buy. I really think that 150 will be really short. You might also want to try the Volkl 20-20 line in either mid-fat or carver. I highly recommend trying before buying. Good luck.
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