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2013 Stöckli FIS GS skis in180cm

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Unused/but have race plate holes on them (from using a wrong jig). Should I buy them for $800?
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Doesn't sound like a particularly good deal end of season. Offer less and be prepared to walk away.
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Got it down to $700 cash (wink wink) but pay for bindings installation. They said holes will be filled with special plugs and would have no functional impact...???
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Redrilling is no big problem. You won't be able to tell any difference.
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Decided not to buy them. I compared the flex of FIS and non-FIS lasers side by side. The FIS lasers are noticeably stiffer. I weigh less than 145 (lost 30lbs this year) and I'll so struggle to make the best of it.

I'm going to wait and see if I can find non-FIS laser GSs in 180 or 185 cm.
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I think you made a wise choice. I have the non-FIS 180cm GS skis and really like them for Masters and Business League Racing. At your weight I'd recommend the 175cm or 180cm lenght. The FIS model is supposed to be really close to real WC level stiffness.

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Yes I ski/train with the head WC rebel I.Speed GSs in 175cm/17m. I've gotten so comfortable with them and they are becoming more like my leisure skis. That's why I was looking into 185 cm. Can't wait to try out Stocklis.
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I weigh about 160 and I race GS mainly on an old Atomic LT183. This was a FIS approved ski aimed mainly at women and lighter men, so it's a little softer. It's marked r>21 but it's actually about 23 in radius. In some courses I can manage 186/27 (full-on GS ski from when 27 was minimim radius for men), but if it's tight I struggle and I'm much more comfortable on 183. The non-FIS laser is only 19 in radius at 185, so you ought to be able to handle it. The 180/18 doesn't seem much of a step up from your current set up. My experience is that getting onto longer and straighter skis has taken some time and that initially my results were worse. But my technique has improved with training and I'm now much faster than on my old cheater skis which are 181/17.
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Originally Posted by hyperkub View Post

The non-FIS laser is only 19 in radius at 185, so you ought to be able to handle it.
Thanks. Yes i agree non-FIS 180/18 is not much of a step-up. Can you clarify the above comment though--are you saying 19m is too short a radius?
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19 m is a bit short for a more open GS course, for that matter so is 23. But anything in that range is fine for tighter courses, which tend to be what you'll see. Longer + bigger radius = faster but more demanding to bend into the oncoming gate. You can feel very clean and quick on a shorter radius, and then find out you're slow as molasses. 

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Obviously I haven't seen you ski, but judging from your weight and what you are skiing on now, 185/19 (actually Stöckli say 19.4) could work very well. After another season or two you will hopefully be ready for something stiffer and straighter, about 23 in radius (but keep the 19m skis for tighter courses).

From my experience both as a racer and a coach, the worst thing you can do is get a pair of skis which are too demanding and too big a step up. I made that mistake when I went direct from 181/17 to 186/27. After half a season of struggle I bought my 183/23 and it wasn't until I had really mastered them that I tried 186/27 again.
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Ok - thanks everyone for your input that validates my instinct and gives me moral support.

I had an inkling doubt that I'd outgrow 175cm/17m soon. My gut told me to go for 180cm/18m but the salesman persuaded me towards the other. I'm not blaming him now but I just wish my skies were longer. I should've gotten 180s.

I just had a feeling FIS Lasers in 180/23 would be a bit too much for me and not exactly what I want. Significantly stiffer and straighter than my 175 cheaters, instead of being just longer.

I think I'll feel right at home at 185/19. The incremental increase in radius and stiffness compated to 175/17 seems negligible. With improved stability and farther tips/tails apart, I feel like I'll be able to go faster/more aggressive, making tighter turns.

The more i think about it, the more I'm leaning towards Non-FIS lasers in 185/19. Maybe the step after that in a few years is FIS 180/23.

Please let me know if there are any blind spots in my progression/thought process. I'm gonna sleep on it for some time before I make the move. Thanks
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There just is no way to decide on what fits best with trying them. I'm skipping cheater GS in 185 and going straight to the FIS GS in 180. Details on the post above.

Thank you!
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