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I know there's been a thread or 3 on this topic in the past, but I was so excited to spot one of these near-mythical snowboarder with poles that I just had to post a pic as proof of the sighting!


I think I've caught a glimpse of one or two before, but I was cruising along behind this guy on our cat-track back to the village from our back bowl...the "Cat-Track From Hell" as I like to call it, so I whipped out my pocket camera.  Anyhoo, 6" of fresh overnight and hard snowfall ALL day (yahoo.gif) for probably another 6" or so, so the going was slow on what is typically an already flat and slow track anyway...but this guy had it figured out!




On a side note, today was the most fun ski day of the season so far this year...maybe not the most powder, the best weather, the most challenge or anything...but the most just flat-out laugh-out-loud, Yee-haw, Woo-Hoooooo, giggle-like-a-schoolgirl FUN!!  

Only 1 day of the season left, though...frown.gif...