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Head XP50

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Has anyone skied it? I picked one up cheaply in Europe and bought it on a whim as (I hope) a ski for groomed snow skiing, hopefully with a preference for short to medium turns and good edgehold.

Anyway, has anyone ridden one?

(I bought some 170's,, and I'm a 185 lb, level 7 or 8 skier (ie advanced, but not yet expert) if relevant).
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Persay Haed hasn't had a XP50 in thier line up from the past two years. 2001-40, 60, 80; 2002-60, 80, 100. I suspect that what you have is an 'offbrand'(is this the correct term?). What these are skis that have a top sheet designed for a bigbox store. Does it have the TSP up near the tip? If so, which design? Is the shovel pointy, or rounded? These are some of the tips that can help determine what ski is under your top sheet.
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I bought them in Courmeyer (Italy). They have a planshape of about 108/62/98 (or thereabouts by recollection). They are red for most of the ski, with a black tail. They are said to be carbon fibre frame or something like that. They have the TPS at the tip. They have the squared off tips.
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I think I may have answered my own question. The C140 of the current range seems to have essentially the same dimensions and construction, albeit with a carve plate and different graphics. i suspect they are essentially the same ski though.
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...I'm still interested in people's feedback though!
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