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moving a mount

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If you centre mount a binding, is it still possible to move it fore/aft aftewards?

What's the minimum you can move it by to drill some new mount holes?


..and slightly related...does moving the binding rearward on powder skis help stop you getting in the back seat with your technique so that you are not leaning too far back to compensate...

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Holes need to be a minimum of a cm apart when you remount. 

As for mounting for powder, some people like to mount a little back, but I prefer to go with the suggested mount point. 

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You may want to consider the VIST binding system. Plates attach to the ski. The bindings attach to the plates and can be adjusted along the length of the plate to taste. Also, you need only one pair of bindings for an infinite number of skis.

Infinite skis. That sounds real good.

Tom at the Norse House in Stratton Vt can hook you up.Kastle3.jpg


Best of luck.


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Other alternatives are Railflex plates. Allow for very quick adjustment on the hill and easy removal for optimal weight distribution for travelling.

Quiver killers. will allow you to use your current binding in multiple positions ( no less than 10mm apart). Able to remove bindings. Multiple skis, 1 pair of bindings.
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Or just any plate, VIST or Tyrolia or Marker or whatever, will have multiple positions, just slap 'em on and feel free to reposition your binders. Or the Schizo from Marker is their version of the Tyrolia/Head RF. 


Put another way, having holes as close together as you prolly want will weaken a ski, especially if it's non-metal. Better to use a plate, even if you've already put on a pair of bindings and want to move them back a bit. 


But technique wise, depends on the ski. Most of us start powder skiing by sitting back too far, especially if we learned on long narrow skis. Nowadays, on fat skis with some early rise or rocker, just pretend the pows just a groomer. Ski it. Maybe with your legs closer together. But ignore the urge to sit back. All will be well. The tips will come up. You will smile. 


Unless you mounted already at the freestyle line and don't want to do aerials. In which case the plate is the answer...

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